» » The West Block Episode #6.26 (2011– )

Short summary

On this Sunday, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is in Houston tomorrow for an energy conference. Last week, she was in Washington meeting with congressional leaders. What's her message, and is it getting through? Then, the bidding process for President Trump's border wall between the U.S. and Mexico begins this week. When will the wall be built and what is needed to stop illegal immigrants making it to the U.S. and Canada through Mexico? Plus, 'justice delayed is justice denied' for many as depleted federal and provincial judicial resources have led to long waits and accused criminals walking free. What will it take from the government to fix Canada's justice system?

Episode credited cast:
Vassy Kapelos Vassy Kapelos - Hosted by
Shawn Moran Shawn Moran - National Border Patrol Council (From San Diego)
Rachel Notley Rachel Notley - Alberta Premier
Rick Woodburn Rick Woodburn - President of Canadian Association of Crown Councils
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