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An interstellar creature grows a group of boils on its back that come to be 'The Grunt Brothers'.

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    • Author: Brol
    To anyone trashing on this show, you're absolutely crazy!!! I died laughing at every episode, and while it aired, was one of my favorite programs to watch! There's pretty much no chance in hades of ever getting your hands on a copy of even one of the episodes, but if by some miracle anyone does, grab it! watch it! love it! Also, if anyone has a copy of any/all of the episodes, I will pay good money for them! Although in a genre all its own, if you like Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butthead, & Sealab 2021, you're sure to cherish each episode of the wondrous Brothers Grunt! I wish MTV hadn't cancelled all their really good shows, (i.e. Brothers Grunt, The State, etc) as they relentlessly air some of the absolute worst programming known to man nowadays...and shouldn't they really change the name of the channel by now??!!??!! I haven't seen anything music-related on MTV in 10 years.
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    • Author: SadLendy
    How in the world did this tripe managed to even get on celluloid is also beyond me! I knew there were serious problems, when they started canceling music video shows to show junk, like Road Rules for example! And when they watered down the classic animated show, Liquid Television with mild crap. How could they allow this to be animated, thinking they could bank on the success of Beavis and Butthead? They started showing various music videos through out with the ugly creatures farting and grunting, or staring for no good reason. None of these creatures were ever funny, not even when they made chicken like noises! They also seemed to try and bank on the success of Ren and Stimpy, with gross out gags and dung jokes. But alas it didn't work! The animation was too crude and poorly done, the plot didn't go anywhere (if there ever was really one), and none of the characters were likable. The mutants were bad rip offs of The Killer Clowns From Outer Space, which shows the cartoon also lacked originality! Why didn't MTV simply stick with Liquid Television and leave it alone, instead of toning it down for kids? I hope they won't do something like this ever again. I give it a zero!
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    • Author: Bu
    Well, the consensus pretty much seems to be that this was a crappy show. I remember having MTV on in the background while I was working at my state-of-the-art 486 computer in 1994, and every five minutes there was a commercial with this annoying song, sung Frank Sinatra-style, belting out how hip and cool The Brothers Grunt was. I'm not kidding, EVERY FIVE MINUTES. Someone at MTV believed that this show would really take off if it were advertised every five minutes, perhaps something like: "We'll shove it down our viewers' throats. We'll force them to like it.", even though it was as bad as the other reviewers have said. There was nothing remotely funny or likeable about TBG. The pale-faced, vein-pulsating characters were so obnoxiously and thoroughly unlikeable that they instantly exceeded my hatred of "Fish Police" and "Capitol Critters".

    Thank God this show bombed, because I don't want to live in a world where people thought The Brothers Grunt was entertaining. I hope that the people behind this show were banned forever from the entertainment industry.
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    • Author: Alsardin
    I have to submit a differing opinion, as a Bros Grunt fan. This MTV series was made by Danny Antonucci, creator of Lupo the Butcher and Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Those cartoons, as well as Bros Grunt, are marked by crazy animation with characters doing silly, crazy, unexpected things. For example, an intense prison break is headed by a toothbrush obsessed criminal. Another episode shows a Japanese businessman in New York being flown away carried by a pigeon, while screaming "HELLP MEEE!" into his cell phone. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the weirdness in the show, and I just enjoy the oddball humor that does not let up for a second.

    Early episodes of Bros Grunt were marred by video segments probably forced by MTV (how are you going to do Beavis & Butt-Head style video segments with characters who can't talk?) So, instead the videos featured the Bros swimming around, turning themselves inside out, playing their nipples like a guitar, things like that. I think this should give you an idea of what the show is all about.
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    • Author: Shak
    Yes, this is a terrible show. That, unless I'm mistaken, was the point of the show. It was never intended to be anything but exactly what it came off as being - an obnoxious, vulgar presentation of the most base and banal jokes the writers and artists could make. I hated it but loved it at the same time. Although it wasn't to my taste, that does not make it bad, only "not to my liking." It was an exceptional example of Pop Culture for the time.

    The artists did a great job of reflecting the cartoons' anti-social message in the drawings. A perfect example of this are the "pulling veins" scenes. I couldn't watch those segments without feeling sick to my stomach! The content was such that the writers could go way overboard with subtext. They didn't hesitate to do so. Years from now, if someone watches one of these cartoons, they will be able to see the worst of the times in which they were produced. That reflection of the perversity of our times is, if anything, worth noting as something of value. Society is most notable not for what is taken from textbooks, it is - sadly - what we can glean from pop references. The legitimate press will cover our minds and leanings from the higher level. The Brothers Grunt and Beavis and Butthead will pad the picture for those of a more plebeian bent.
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    • Author: Nikok
    For the last few years, I had been trying to recall the name of this show. I asked everyone. Over the years I have annoyed complete strangers by trying to describe this stupid show and ask them if they knew the name of it. Most people think I am either delusional or making it up! At last, a certain website (about shows that jump the shark) answered by question! I can finally show everyone with this IMDB link that this show truly existed! Anyways, regarding the show - it was awful. Originally a "bumper" promo for MTV where one of the brothers is on the toilet, and then an "MTV" logo is shown floating, some genius at MTV decided it would be worthy of a half-hour show. It wasn't funny, it wasn't cool. It was made even worse by the horrible video segments. Unlike Beavis and Butthead's video segments, which were made better by their funny comments, the video segments in this show had no comments. It was unbelievably bad. If you are ever confronted by the opportunity to view this material... just make sure you aren't paying for it.
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    • Author: Ubrise
    I'm amazed the IMDB even has this schlock listed here, though I am not surprised NO ONE has commented on it as it has been deservedly forgotten in the annals of animation. Produced by MTV, it came on during the rise of the popularity of BEAVIS and BUTTHEAD. The cartoon concerned these deformed, grunting brothers (hmm, perhaps that's where the title came from) from another dimension. One of them wanders off into our world and his brothers spend the season searching for him. Like BEAVIS and BUTTHEAD, the show was interrupted with clips of music videos, but instead of witty entendres ala B&B, we see clips of the episode and the grunting brothers appearing over the video itself- grunting. The characters appeared first in a series of spots for MTV until they got their own show, and the show itself was so bad that it was canned before the season was completed. (I assume it was never completed as I remember only 3 episodes and the wandering grunt was never reunited with his brothers. It was purely aweful and another sad example of how misguided MTV is with its animation when it capitalizes on a show (BEavis and Butthead or Ren and Stimpy) it had nothing to do with creatively. Thank goodness it is forgotten.
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    • Author: Nalmetus
    "The Brothers Grunt" was a show that ran on MTV Back in 1994 and I never heard of this show until 2 years ago. The show was created by: Danny Antonnucci who is the Creator of Cartoon Network's Ed Edd n Eddy which he made after this show. The main plot of this show is about these things called grunts who are these gross creatures that are looking for their brother perry and the show feels like an acid trip I saw The first episode called "The Ceremony on Youtube thought it was gross. The animation is horrible the characters are gross and weird. Anyway the Show ran MTV on from August 15,1994-April 9,1995 with 4 seasons and 35 episodes and thank goodness. BOTTOM LINE stay away from this horrible show. I'm rating this 0/10 stars. Anyway See you later. BYE. Updated as of November 12, 2017
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    • Author: roternow
    Just don't watch all! It's nasty, and there's no plot...I THINK there's not plot? The series' plot is the show's main characters...are looking for their brother Perry...using mindless, grotesque noises while saying "Perry" every so often...All the while, if you watch this, besides wondering what the point of the existence of such a pointless cartoon is, your eyes will be watering while breaking out in hives from whatever diseases these disturbingly ugly undead abominations possess.

    If you want to watch a good cartoon, watch The Simpsons or watch a Transformers movie for goodness sake! God knows 30 minutes of this is MUCH worse than nearly 3 hours of mindless action and explosions from Transformers 4.
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    • Author: Zulkigis
    After six years, this piece of crap finally had to spring up in my memory....

    Out of pure curiosity, I looked it up at IMDb to see what kind of criticism it got. Not to my surprise, it didn't really get much at all. Suffice it to say it is probably the worst piece of animation ever to hit cable TV. If I wasn't a confused middle school student at the time, I would never have survived a single episode. It's almost as if the creator of the cartoon wanted us to believe that his sense of humor was more sophisticated than ours. In actuality, it was only more warped and perverse. That may be good with classics like Beavis & Butthead but this P.O.S. was unbelievably bad. And I use the term "unbelievably" in its most literal sense. Chances are you'll never have to witness the total ineptitude of this filth, but rest assured, unless you've seen an episode of The Brothers Grunt, you have no idea what "crap" really is.

    Just in case you can't picture total "crap," think of a bunch of grey, pulsating old men who look and act like retards. No, not funny ha-ha retards. REAL retards. Drooling, staring, whining, unintelligible retards. Imagine these retards wandering about curiously poking and prodding simple everyday objects like bewildered children. Don't bother to worry about a plot; there is none. They have yellow teeth, yellow eyes, and are quite possibly the most visually unappealing protagonists EVER. The "brothers" are always followed by a detective with oversized nostrils and a strong addiction to coffee. His purpose in this cartoon is clear: The genius who created "The Brothers Grunt" somehow realized that since the brothers could only whine and drool, he needed to stick in a human being to provide actual monologue. Good strategy... too bad it didn't do a lick of good.

    Anyway, this horrible, horrible creation has managed to waste my time once again. In closing I'll just say this: "The Brothers Grunt" is the yardstick by which all other crap is measured. It proved once and for all that any yo-yo with an animation studio can churn out MTV-grade nonsense... and have it canceled the same year.
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    • Author: Captain America
    In 1990s, MTV was the to some BAD shows, But THIS THE WORST MTV 90S PROGRAM I'LL EVER SEE BY FAR. 0 MUSIC, 0 SOUND EFFECTS, AND 0 EFFORT PUT INTO IT. Comedy: B+ 87 SURPRISINGLY good Comedy Animation: D+ 66 BAD, BUT it COULD be worse. Characters: F-- 10 NO EFFORT PUT INTO CHARACTERS. Plot: F+ 57 NOT ONE THE WORST PLOTS, BUT STILL. OVERALL GRADE: D- 60 4.8/10 Not one of the Worst Cartoons, But STILL BAD! Ed, Edd, n Eddy Managed to be Better Than This
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