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    • Author: Nekora
    I agree with the previous comment about the overuse of the F word.

    I think that it's pretty pathetic when a film has to rely on gratuitous language just to create some sort of suspense or tension.

    I thought that this was a typical student film. It looked like there wasn't a lighting person, sounded like no sound person either. The acting was horrifying.

    I hope that this director can learn and grow from this film.

    I honestly believe that the more crap you create, the better of an artist you become.

    We learn the best from our mistakes.
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    • Author: Goldfury
    A couple begin arguing over a really frivolous purchase by the lady. Despite not having enough to pay the bills, she buys an expensive item in the hope that it would inspire her. The problem is, down deep, the couple are having problems that need to be addressed.

    This is a pretty good independent short film. The acting and direction are fine and the story idea is good. My only problem with the film is that, like too many films these days, there is an over-reliance in using the "f-word" (I would use the word, but IMDb won't allow that in reviews). Once or twice is realistic, but the more they talk like that, combined with the immaturity of the couple, you really have a harder time liking them than you should. It's still realistic and worth seeing, however.
  • Credited cast:
    Tim Abernathy Tim Abernathy - Dan
    Tara Sherman Tara Sherman - Chris
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