» » Invader ZIM Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom/GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff (2001–2004)

Short summary

After aliens visit him at night and grant him extraordinary powers, Dib figures he may finally be able to capture and expose Zim. After destroying their latest mission/plan, Zim sets GIR's controls to a dangerously-high level of loyalty. GIR is now more loyal to their mission... but soon deems Zim to be a threat that must be eliminated.

Episode credited cast:
Richard Steven Horvitz Richard Steven Horvitz - ZIM / TV Voice #4 / Boy (voice)
Rikki Simons Rikki Simons - GIR / Hot Dogs (voice) (as Rosearik Rikki Simons)
Andy Berman Andy Berman - Dib / Ghost (voice)
Melissa Fahn Melissa Fahn - Gaz (voice)
Rodger Bumpass Rodger Bumpass - Professor Membrane / Ghost (voice)
Wally Wingert Wally Wingert - Almighty Tallest Red / Reporter (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Mo Collins Mo Collins - Librarian / TV Voice #2 (voice)
John Di Crosta John Di Crosta - Police Dispatcher / Scanner (voice)
Greg Ellis Greg Ellis - Alien Shoes / Alan (voice)
Paul Greenberg Paul Greenberg - Poonchy / Soldier (voice)
Candi Milo Candi Milo - Girl / Voice (voice)
André Sogliuzzo André Sogliuzzo - Officer Squidman / TV Voice #1 (voice)
Eric Trueheart Eric Trueheart - TV Voice #3 (voice)
Jhonen Vasquez Jhonen Vasquez - Nick / Customer (voice) (as Mr. Scolex)
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