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The Doctor is rescued by Gebek, prompting him to try and help the miners, but his advice results in Ettis launching another attack on the armoury.

This episode was watched by 6.8 million viewers on its original transmission.

This episode takes place on Peladon in the 40th Century.

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    • Author: Keel
    Review of all 6 episodes:

    This is a sequel to The Curse of Peladon and it suffers from being far too similar, but inferior, to its predecessor. The quality of acting and dialogue are at a high enough level (as is expected as a minimum requirement in Doctor Who) and the plot with its political aspect reflecting the UK miners strike of the 1970s is OK but it is a filler story, just plodding along until it kicks into life for its 5th and 6th episodes.

    The Doctor and Sarah Jane visit Peladon about 50 years after The Doctor's previous visit. There is political strife and mysterious attacks, apparently from the creature Aggedor, that are disrupting mining operations.

    It is an acceptable story but nothing of particular quality or interest compared to the usual standard of the series until the arrival of the Ice Warriors. It is in the final two episodes of the story when the action and script become much more interesting. The leader of this group of Ice Warriors is an interesting and good quality villain. Pertwee is funny and entertaining and Sarah continues to show she is the best companion of all time, even in this general filler of a story.
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    Jon Pertwee Jon Pertwee - Doctor Who
    Elisabeth Sladen Elisabeth Sladen - Sarah Jane Smith
    Donald Gee Donald Gee - Eckersley
    Nina Thomas Nina Thomas - Thalira
    Frank Gatliff Frank Gatliff - Ortron
    Rex Robinson Rex Robinson - Gebek
    Ralph Watson Ralph Watson - Ettis
    Ysanne Churchman Ysanne Churchman - Alpha Centauri (voice)
    Stuart Fell Stuart Fell - Body of Alpha Centauri
    Graeme Eton Graeme Eton - Preba
    Terry Walsh Terry Walsh - Guard Captain
    Nick Hobbs Nick Hobbs - Aggedor
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