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Gerry Todd hosts a concert special consisting entirely of videos.

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    • Author: Grotilar
    No story line but a few long funny sketches.

    First is a promo of white scat singing by an elderly white choir.

    David Brinkley has an angry editorial about fake groups claiming to be famous musical combos like the Ink Spots and The Platters. Then a commercial where you hire someone to argue with your spouse for you. Angus Crock does a Sunrise Semester about the Loch Ness monster.

    Gerry Todd hosts a Midnight Video special. The Talking Heads video for Once In A Lifetime is shown, one of their best. Gerry then turns to Tim Ishimuni in Tokyo who introduces a video by the Japanese group The Plastics called Top Secret Man, a catchy and funny clip. Gerry and Tim then get into a video war which knocks them both off the air.

    Johnny LaRue then hosts a hilariously bad show called All Girl Friday Night Pajama Party. It was a satire on all so called "jiggle" shows of the time like Three's Company. This shows has giggly models in pajamas having water and cat fights while guest Alastair Cooke looks on. Cheryl Kinsey shows up to criticize the show while Bill Needle loves it. LaRue gets attacked by a women's group after the show has ended.

    Earl Camembert has a One On The Town sequence about singles bars. He ends striking out with all the girls and getting drunk.

    Monster Chiller Horror Theater has Count Floyd promising a really scary movie called Blood Sucking Monkeys. Then he finds out they don't have the film so he acts it out himself. Great White North has two topics-Bob about snow routes and Doug on a space arm, so the astronauts can open a beer in space.

    There is a classic old sketch called Lust For Paint, a take off on the life of artist Toulouse-Letrec, which was filmed as Moulin Rouge but the title is a spoof on Lust For Life. The final sketch is an Alfred Hitchcock's Presents, with Candy doing a good impression of Hitchcock. The story has Flaherty as man wanting to murder his annoying wife but he keeps failing. Hitchcock comes back at the end acts out scenes from Psycho and The Birds.
  • Episode credited cast:
    John Candy John Candy - Various
    Joe Flaherty Joe Flaherty - Various
    Eugene Levy Eugene Levy - Various
    Andrea Martin Andrea Martin - Various
    Rick Moranis Rick Moranis - Various
    Catherine O'Hara Catherine O'Hara - Various
    Dave Thomas Dave Thomas - Various
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    David Byrne David Byrne - Himself - member of Talking Heads
    Chris Frantz Chris Frantz - Himself - member of Talking Heads
    Jerry Harrison Jerry Harrison - Himself - member of Talking Heads
    Tina Weymouth Tina Weymouth - Herself - member of Talking Heads
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