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A mini-series that parodies 80's southern Wrestling, "Southpaw Regional Wrestling" is a low budget wrestling show set in February 1987 featuring current WWE superstars playing 80's wrestling stereotypes building up to the PPV "Lethal Leap year"

The era parodized in this video series utilized what's known as "kayfabe," or the projection that what occurs in the wrestling ring is legitimate competition and that nothing is predetermined. This makes some of the more outrageous moments all the more amusing since such tactics were often presented to the audience, yet were still supposed to convey believability.

This series' primary intention (from a business standpoint) is as a promotional advertisement for WWE sponsor KFC.

Andrew Hawkinson (AKA Luke Gallows, AKA 'Doc' Gallows, AKA 'Festus') originated the Tex Ferguson character as 'Sex' Ferguson in a series of short videos prior to 'Southpaw Regional Wrestling.'

At the time this series takes place (February, 1987), the WWE (known then as the WWF) was preparing for their largest show to date, WrestleMania III.

The jacket that Tex has on is for Ribera Steakhouse. It is a professional wrestling, boxing and mixed martial arts-themed steak house restaurant in Japan. Many pro wrestlers will go there as a right of passage and many get those jackets as a gift fron the restaurant. For many North American wrestlers its a way of saying "I wrestled in Japan".

"La Barba Grande" translates to "The Big Beard."

At one point, Tex Ferguson mentions "If we're gonna compete with Vince..." referring to Vince McMahon, owner of WWE (then known as WWF), which had become the largest wrestling promotion in North America by 1987.

Series cast summary:
John Cena John Cena - Lance Catamaran 10 episodes, 2017
Johnny Curtis Johnny Curtis - Chett Chetterfield 9 episodes, 2017
Andrew Hankinson Andrew Hankinson - Tex Ferguson 8 episodes, 2017
Chris Jericho Chris Jericho - Clint Bobski 8 episodes, 2017
Chad Allegra Chad Allegra - Chad 2 Badd 6 episodes, 2017
Mattias Clement Mattias Clement - Mr. Mackelroy 6 episodes, 2017
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