» » Lu mao zi (2004)

Short summary

In the old days in China, a male servant working in a brothel traditionally wore a green scarf. It was sign of humiliation. In modern times, a man who is cuckolded by his wife or lover is said to "wear a green hat". The film tells the story of two men -one a bank robber and the other a police captain- who share the humiliation of "wearing a green hat". Their cases differ, but their anguish is the same. In the end, each makes what he believes is the right choice for himself.

Credited cast:
Yitian Hai Yitian Hai - Swimming Coach
Congxi Li Congxi Li - Policeman
Haibin Li Haibin Li - Xiao B
Mei Li Mei Li - Wang Mei
Fan Liao Fan Liao - Wang Yao
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