» » Velke oci maju strach (2003)

Velke oci maju strach (2003) watch online HD

Velke oci maju strach (2003) watch online HD
  • Original title:Velke oci maju strach
  • Category:Movie / Drama
  • Released:2003
  • Director:Julian Bosak
  • Actors:Adam Bosak,Julian Bosak,Matus Gomolcak
  • Writer:Julian Bosak
  • Duration:1h 20min
  • Video type:Movie

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Short summary

A young boy on a brink of adulthood is wandering the streets of his hometown. He meets different types of people, each of whom represents different approach to life. One day he decides to start his own life by getting into a relation with his friend Lucia. To do that he uses an inspiration from the movie The Lost Highway by David Lynch.

The theater was sold out at the premiere of the movie at the FK Cinefil, Kosice, Slovakia. That means, there were more then 350 viewers at the screening.

The whole movie was shot on VHS camera and edited on a VHS recorder. So all the scenes were shot in order as they appear in the movie. Only at the end of post-production some final edits were made.

Credited cast:
Adam Bosak Adam Bosak - Adam
Julian Bosak Julian Bosak - Francis
Matus Gomolcak Matus Gomolcak - Matus
Valika Grissova Valika Grissova - Valika
Lucia Jarosova Lucia Jarosova - Lucia
Miso Kecsey Miso Kecsey - Miso
Kornel Michalic Kornel Michalic - Kornel
Stefan Molnar Stefan Molnar - Molny
Tibor Mussak Tibor Mussak - Tibi
Oliver Princ Oliver Princ - Oliver
Slavomir Sihelnik Slavomir Sihelnik - Oko
Marcel Stempel Marcel Stempel - Marcel
Peter Takac Peter Takac - Peter
Peter Toldi Peter Toldi - Toldi
Lukas Ujcik Lukas Ujcik - Lukas
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