» » Südameasi My One and Only (1992–2010)

Short summary

PC Younger arrests a tramp Ewart Martin, but when he puts him in the nick Martin immediately recognizes his old war buddy Sergeant Miller who is none too pleased to see him. Among Martin's things, Younger finds a business card from Leslie Rumbold, an insurance agent who was shot dead on his doorstep the same morning. Has the old tramp anything to do with the murder? Or is the perpetrator Ross Tillman, a farmer who has threatened Rumbold with his life? Another clue may be a photograph that PC Mason finds at Rumbold's office. Alf Ventress moves in at the Aidensfield Arms when his chimney goes through the roof and he needs a place to stay during repairs. Gina says he can stay for free and soon he is eating her and Oscar out of house and pub. And that is just for starters. No wonder Mrs. Ventress preferred to stay at her sister's instead. PC Wetherby has had his family staying for a couple of days, and when chances are he and his estranged wife may get back together again he asks Gina for...

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
David Lonsdale David Lonsdale - David Stockwell
Derek Fowlds Derek Fowlds - Oscar Blaketon
Nikki Sanderson Nikki Sanderson - Dawn Bellamy
Tricia Penrose Tricia Penrose - Gina Bellamy
Gwen Taylor Gwen Taylor - Peggy Armstrong
Peter Benson Peter Benson - Bernie Scripps
Rupert Ward-Lewis Rupert Ward-Lewis - PC Don Wetherby
Joe McFadden Joe McFadden - PC Joe Mason
Lisa Kay Lisa Kay - Carol Cassidy
Susan Jameson Susan Jameson - Sonia Rumbold
Steven Blakeley Steven Blakeley - PC Geoff Younger
Ken Drury Ken Drury - Ewart Martin
John Duttine John Duttine - Sergeant George Miller
William Simons William Simons - Alf Ventress
Neil Madden Neil Madden - Ross Tillman
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