» » Rocket Power Sim Sammy/Otto Hangs 11 (1999–2004)

Short summary

Sam creates a video game about his friends in Ocean Shores.-- It's Otto's eleventh birthday and he decides it is time that he should begin preparing to become a professional athlete.

Episode cast overview:
Joseph Ashton Joseph Ashton - Otto Rocket (voice)
Shayna Fox Shayna Fox - Reggie Rocket (voice)
Ulysses Cuadra Ulysses Cuadra - Twister Rodriguez (voice)
Gary LeRoi Gray Gary LeRoi Gray - Sam Dullard (voice)
John Kassir John Kassir - Ray Rocket (voice)
Ray Bumatai Ray Bumatai - Tito Makani (voice)
David Gallagher David Gallagher - Oliver (voice)
Lauren Tom Lauren Tom - Trish / Sherry (voice)
Lori Alan Lori Alan - Game Voice (voice)
Scott Mosenson Scott Mosenson - Announcer (voice)
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