» » The Dutch Masters: Rembrandt (2000)

Short summary

Some art lovers believe that Rembrandt's abilities as a portraitist have never been surpassed, and it is, perhaps his famous series of self-portraits that best demonstrate his genius. Painted over the course of his life, they reveal nothing less than Rembrandt himself, as he was when he was alive. There is often a sadness in these images, perhaps unsurprisingly as Rembrandt suffered many difficulties during his life, including: bankruptcy, torrid affairs, and the death of loved ones. His paintings characteristically depict group portraits, landscapes, and religious work. Many of these images were produced as etchings, confirming Rembrandt's mastery of the line drawing as well as conveying the drama of great Biblical events. When he died in 1669, he left behind an incredible body of work whose qualities have been matched by few other artists of history, if at all.

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