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A documentary about the wider "Yes" movement, filmed throughout 2014 in the run up to the historic referendum on Scottish independence. Largely ignored by the media, this film has become something of a cult favourite amongst those in favour of an independent Scotland.

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    • Author: Kalrajas
    This documentary is not and doesn't attempt to be a 'campaign tool' for the pro- independence side of Scotland's independence referendum. It's a light-touch look at some of the, sometimes quirky, sometimes hipsterish efforts by the third party, non-party grassroots organisations that have sprung up around the referendum campaign.

    And if you're a fan of Scottish folk music there's plenty here to tickle your fancy. The documentary focuses quite heavily on one Prestonpans folk singer.

    Personally, I found it didn't give enough space to established players in the referendum Yes campaign such as political parties and, as a result, it failed to fully capture the reality of the Yes campaign.

    One for insiders rather than the mass market.
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