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Were we better off as cavemen? Morgan Spurlock ("Super Size Me") joins nine ordinary men and women in an attempt to survive in the wild using only stone-age technology. Cold, dehydration, and hunger threaten to derail the experiment from the start.

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    • Author: Haal
    The problem with the team is that they have done everything out of the "Book". They were lucky and got an elk. If the experiment went on for a couple of years they would soon establish a proper division of labor. The best hunters would get the most sex.

    If the group went and lived with some hunter gatherers for a couple of weeks before the experiment they would have been much better prepared for the challenge. The story does however, illustrate well, why more successful tribes have moved on from the stone age. If however there is a dramatic change in the weather and other stuff that is happening on our globe, the genes are there for some to survive in difficult circumstances. Many however will die off. The Pygmies in the Democratic Rep. of the Congo in Africa. The Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert and at least one other group of hunting gatherers live in Tanzania.

    The Congolese pygmies from personal visits to them, are all skinny, have no pots, water jugs, etc. They carry their kids on their backs and loads with a "tumpline in a basket" because in the jungle it isn't practical to carry stuff on their heads like most other Africans do. The Pygmies until recently were were almost naked - there is no real need for cloths in a tropical jungle where all kinds of fungus are waiting for some place to grow. They never developed a spear thrower.

    The Pygmies use poisonous arrows, knives, digging sticks and machetes to catch their prey. Like in the series, they mainly survive small animals that include rodents and bugs. If they do get large game there is a large celebration. Unlike in the series Pygmies eat, almost all of the animal and don't dump out the guts of the animal. The intestines are more or less cleaned and cooked along with the lungs, heart, liver and kidneys. Preservation of the meat is done by smoking it. I doubt if meat will last long by being put in the river. It is likely to rot or other predators will get a feed on it. Inuit in Canada, where there is permafrost dug holes and buried fish and meat where it froze for storage. I feel it would have been more real if the actors had to make their own cloths from skins they prepared before going into the field. This was a real art for the stone age people who really had little to work with. I enjoyed the show and it showed how much more the actors really had to learn. During the Vietnam war many Americans came to Canada to escape being drafted into the forces, where they planned idyllic lives living "off the land". Very few lasted one year in the bush, before they moved to the village or city. It is difficult to go back in time.
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    • Author: Adrielmeena
    I, Caveman is a 2-part documentary about 10 more-or-less ordinary modern people trying to survive under Paleolithic conditions for 10 days. They have primitive tools, are given primitive shelter and animal skin clothing, and must find a way to feed and hydrate themselves. They must use a primitive method to light a fire. It's harder than it sounds.

    An expert panel observe from a distance and toss in their bits of wisdom from time to time. All in all, it's a fairly well done documentary, though it will not appeal to the short attention spans and craving for titillation that typify the average TV viewer today.

    Pretty much, you can predict after the first 15 minutes which of them will make it and which will drop out. The ones who boast the most turn out to be the least well equipped mentally to make it. The humble ones do the best. Good old human nature; nothing really ever changes.

    Some of the most impressive ones in the group were Billy and Manu. Manu, despite having problems with the cold weather, demonstrates tremendous resourcefulness and mental fortitude. She fashions a charcoal water filter for the group, catches trout by hand from a stream, and helps bring down a big game animal.

    Billy is an outdoors author and bow maker who has extensive knowledge of primitive skills such as hunting and flint knapping. He brings a lot of useful skills and knowhow to the group and you can just imagine him surviving out there for 10 months instead of a mere 10 days.

    Various of the others bring their own skills. Rob, the writer, manages to bring down a big game animal with an atlatl dart, a pretty dazzling piece of marksmanship that had even the expert panel gushing with amazement.

    Billy and Manu end up appearing on episodes of Naked and Afraid, another Discovery series that features survivalists in the nude. Predictably, they both demonstrate masterful survival skills.

    10 days is a pretty short period of time in which to conduct this experiment. I would have rather seen them out there for a month or so, to make it real. Or come back in a year and see if anyone's still alive! Of course, that's not practical; it probably costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a day to run a production like this, so ten is all we get. But it's fun to watch, interesting if you like to learn about survival skills, and the ending is uplifting.

    I would have liked to learn more specifics about edible plants and techniques for building shelters. They shared some information but there's only so much they can say in two hours. The experts didn't really say anything we didn't already know, honestly. "Bringing down big game is a cause for celebration." True but not an astonishing revelation by any stretch.

    I know this sort of show doesn't appeal to the masses, but I hope that Discovery will do more of them and thus help young people "discover" more about the world around them.
  • Episode credited cast:
    Janeshia Adams-Ginyard Janeshia Adams-Ginyard - Herself
    Billy Berger Billy Berger
    Gene Jarvis Gene Jarvis - Survival Participant
    Amy Passantino Amy Passantino - Herself
    Courtney Rice Courtney Rice - Survival Participant
    Morgan Spurlock Morgan Spurlock - Himself
    Manu Toigo Manu Toigo - Herself
    Robb Wolf Robb Wolf - Himself
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