» » Australian Story The Next Big Thing/The Beetle (1996– )

Short summary

18 year old Alex Hartman is the son of a Sydney obstetrician. Since the age of 14 he has run his own company from his home in Mosman. It all started when he got the idea of designing "the next big thing" a program which would enable people to hook on to the Internet at the click of a button. He sold the program to Telstra for an undisclosed sum and set up as managing director of his own company Amicus Software. His aim now is to turn the company into a $50 million to $100 million enterprise in the next 18 months. Australian Story filmed with Alex as he was making the transition from the classroom to a full time business career, juggling the normal schoolboy pre-occupations with the extraordinary pressures and tensions of his corporate career. PLUS: The Beetle A lot of people reflect back on their first car and think, what a pity I haven't got that car now - and aren't we lucky? Some people have a love for horses, boats, caravans, we're just lucky that we've got the Beetle. Maybe we ...

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