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Commesse  watch online HD
  • Original title:Commesse
  • Category:TV Series / Comedy
  • Actors:Sabrina Ferilli,Nancy Brilli,Veronica Pivetti
  • Duration:1h 30min
  • Video type:TV Series

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    • Author: Lilegha
    This series is a special favourite of mine.. although listed on IMDb as a comedy I would call it a romantic drama.

    Each series has about 6 x 90min stories and while there is a common cast of about 6 characters and an ongoing theme like in a continuing, each character has an episode where their situation is the main focus.

    In Australia we know Commesse 2 as "Shopgirls 2" and our SBS (Special Broadcasting Service - free to air foreign programmes) has taken this and the earlier Commess (1) (we knew this as "Shopgirls") and sub-titled it in English leaving the Italian soundtrack.

    Stars include Sabrina Ferilli (Marta) a modern day Sophia Loren who is absolutely stunning. Doing some background work today and apparently as a goad to her Italian football team who had not won a premiership for years, she promised to do a public strip if they won the Italian Football League. They won in 1998 and she stayed true to her word. I am sure her promise would have made them try that little bit harder.

    If you liked the USA comedy "Everbody loves Raymond" when they took the show to Italy you will love this.

    Unlike a lot of Italian TV which is corny this is romantic, romantic, romantic. Very well acted and scripted and set in Rome. THanks to RAI international and to SBS for the enjoyment of this series. La Dolce Vita!
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    • Author: Arashilkis
    i saw this recently, which is about 10 years after it was made,thats because i don't remember it ever having been on Greek TV,even though its Italian and could have easily been shown over here.Rather,i bought this on disc because some of my favorite Italian actresses are in it,and also i read it was pretty successful when originally broadcast in Italy. Its really unfortunate this is not much better known because it has quality written all over it.The acting is flawless all around,impeccably written and directed,it also enjoys a nice music theme,actually i cant find anything wrong to write about.Its one of those precious few productions where it seems everything clicks. The IMDb rating is way-way too law,don't be fooled this is easily over an 8+. For some strange reason,IMDb lists last in the credit list actor Franco Castellano who plays one of the main characters,the gay male member of the group,an exceptional performance. The mini-series consists of 6 episodes ,each one concentrating on one of the main characters and also following the rest as the story progresses. Absolutely not to be missed,the only problem is the DVD only exists in Australia which is where got it from.
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    • Author: Kriau
    I was very touched by these 6 people and the story about the lives of the people who work as staff for a Fashion Shop "Jack Norton" in Italy, their lives are representing the real life stories of people who's everyday life faces their own problems and problems in their work place. The 6 part mini-series of this story also covers the life of the manager of this Fashion Shop, her name is Francesca. When first I saw this movie, it was from Australian TV channel SBS and broadcast in Italian with English subtitles, so for me it was such a delight to see the other culture. Even though it is different, it can yet somehow be interpreted the same with your life. The name of the mini-series is "Commesse" but in English it is known as "Shopgirls", the movie is available as a DVD box set in Australia.
  • Series cast summary:
    Sabrina Ferilli Sabrina Ferilli - Marta 12 episodes, 1999-2002
    Nancy Brilli Nancy Brilli - Roberta 12 episodes, 1999-2002
    Veronica Pivetti Veronica Pivetti - Fiorenza 12 episodes, 1999-2002
    Franco Castellano Franco Castellano - Romeo 12 episodes, 1999-2002
    Caterina Vertova Caterina Vertova - Francesca Carraro 12 episodes, 1999-2002
    Anna Valle Anna Valle - Paola 12 episodes, 1999-2002
    Elodie Treccani Elodie Treccani - Lucia 6 episodes, 1999
    Roberto Caccia Roberto Caccia - Robertino 6 episodes, 1999
    Ruben Rigillo Ruben Rigillo - Antonio 6 episodes, 1999
    Rodolfo Bigotti Rodolfo Bigotti - Giancarlo 6 episodes, 1999
    Paolo Gasparini Paolo Gasparini - Marco 5 episodes, 1999
    Lorenzo Ciompi Lorenzo Ciompi - Dott. Livata 5 episodes, 1999
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