» » Citizen Smith The Tooting Connection (1977–1980)

Short summary

Speed steals a number of stereos from Dad's factory and, through Wolfie's brokering, sells them to Harry Fenning. A celebration is in order so Speed steals a car for a night out - Harry's new car. Wolfie and his friends are terrified that Harry will come after them, seeking revenge and are amazed to find that they have unintentionally done him a good turn.

Episode cast overview:
Robert Lindsay Robert Lindsay - Wolfie Smith
Peter Vaughan Peter Vaughan - Dad
Hilda Braid Hilda Braid - Mum
Mike Grady Mike Grady - Ken
Cheryl Hall Cheryl Hall - Shirley
Tony Millan Tony Millan - Tucker
Stephen Greif Stephen Greif - Harry Fenning
George Sweeney George Sweeney - Speed
Anna Nygh Anna Nygh - Desiree
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