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Short summary

Miguel (33 years old) is a single man who lives a melancholy life in a filthy apartment in Buenos Aires surrounded by his equally dirty house pets (dogs and cats). From Monday to Friday he rides his bicycle to work across the city. He works as a clerk at lawyer's office answering the phone, filing, and running errands. Miguel keeps himself in very good shape, he does not drink or eat refined flour and sugar, but he detests each and every single aspect of his life. When he sleeps, dreams, wakes up, eats, and rides the bike he experiences the same tedium and discontent as he does when going about his clerical work. Following his psychoanalyst's advice, he keeps a journal where he records his dreams every morning, as well as other thoughts and feelings he has throughout the day. But one fine day, after waking up feeling the same old tedium and resignation, a series of unexpected events and coincidences gives him the chance to make a radical change in his life and to meet the woman of his...

Cast overview, first billed only:
Sergio Corach Sergio Corach - Miguel
Hugo Koremblit Hugo Koremblit - Hombre del sueño
Ezequiel Ludueña Ezequiel Ludueña - Pablo Dunne
Luciana Rizzo Luciana Rizzo - Recepcionista del 4to piso
Ana Laura Suarez-Cassino Ana Laura Suarez-Cassino - Cristina
Silvio Rotshtein Silvio Rotshtein - Empleado estudio
Tadeo Lima Tadeo Lima - Empleado estudio (voice)
Julio César Ludueña Julio César Ludueña - Dr. Luna
Oscar Currás Oscar Currás - La voz de Pascal Quignard (voice)
Sebastián Corach Sebastián Corach - Director
Lucila Mayol Lucila Mayol - Camarógrafa
Fernando Redondo Fernando Redondo - Librero 1
Damián Wajntraub Damián Wajntraub - Librero 2
Luciana Saez Luciana Saez - La licenciada
María Betania Antico María Betania Antico - La licenciada (voice)
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