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The couple quarrel over a trivial mailer and a separation seems inevitable. Their little child understands there is something wrong and endeavors to smooth matters, without avail. Left alone, she goes out to amuse herself, and as several children pass on their way to school, she wants to accompany them. They playfully tell her she has no books. An idea! She goes into the house and gathers up an armful of books out of the bookcase, and off she starts by her "lonely." During this time mamma has been packing up her trunk to leave the place, and has ordered the expressman to call. In readiness to go, she looks for the child, and the only clue leading to her whereabouts is the finding of a book on the front lawn. The expressman remembers passing, in fact almost running over, a little tot with her arms full of books. The dropping of these books leads the mother on, accompanied by the expressman, until they find her in the hands of a couple of tramps. How she gets there is impossible to ...

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    • Author: Glei
    A little family tragedy with a happy ending. A new child player has a prominent part in it and the pretty, naturalness of her work adds much to the picture's charm. The first subtitle thrown on the screen tells us that the child's parents are disagreeing over trifles. This title is more trite than the picture of the fact, and its absence would have been an improvement. The mother, in a few very competently acted scenes, gets ready to go home; her trunk is packed, and the expressman called. Meanwhile the little girl, left to her own devices, has determined to go to school, and with an armful from the library bookcase has started out. The mother, now looking for her, finds her gone. She and the expressman follow her, guided by the books that she drops one by one. The father has come home and found the house empty. When the child is brought back to the house, the man and woman make up. It is very well acted and commendable film. - The Moving Picture World, November 25, 1911
  • Cast overview:
    Edwin August Edwin August - The Husband
    Florence La Badie Florence La Badie - The Wife
    Ynez Seabury Ynez Seabury - The Child
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