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Igor Grom, a skilled detective from St. Petersburg, happened to be at the scene of a bank robbery and decides to stop them.

The role of Igor Grom also offered to actor Grigoriy Dobrygin.

In the beginning, the original version of the approximate timing of the film was 7 minutes, but in the production process it became clear that the film has acquired the script details, and ultimately the timing was up to 25 minutes.

For the fight scenes in the bank a special filming technique was developed at 360 degrees, previously not apply in Russia, nor in the world.

The entire interior of the bank was built from the ground up: everything has been thought - from the racks and cabinets to ATMs, design letterhead and bank cards. The total amount of money made for the film to fill a bank vault, exceeded $5 million.

To write the music for the film, the composer and the director, Roman Selivyorstov and Vladimir Besedin, locked themselves in studio in Staint Petersburg for almost 2 months. All works on the soundtrack for the 25-minute film took 5 months. The orchestra was recorded at Abbey Road Studio One. The composition was the same musicians that worked on the soundtrack for the movies "Lord of the Rings", "Star Wars", "Harry Potter" and many others.

The Statue of Poseidon in an abandoned hotel originally was manufactured and installed specifically for the film, it was the height of 5 meters.

For shooting scenes with car chase and the accident the producers blocked the whole block in the city center. Alternative route for public traffic has been developed. Especially for the film, the production team rethink the look of the Russian police and developed a new, unique design service form, machinery and equipment.

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    • Author: Kizshura
    This is a short film based on a comic book series from Russian publishers Bubble Comics about a super-heroic Moscow cop. Packs a lot into it's half-hour running time, with a couple of effective twists, a great fight scene that's seemingly shot in a single continuous take (though there must be a few hidden cuts in there) as the camera repeatedly spins 360 degrees around the combatants, and an impressively filmed stunt sequence as Grom pursues a criminal across the very high rafters of an abandoned building. There's also a pleasing vein of meta humour throughout ("I must work on my punchlines" mutters Grom after dispatching a villain and realising he's got nothing witty to say) including a sequence that pokes fun at the TRANSPORTER franchise, and - in a nod to fans of the original comic book - a last second cameo by Grom's arch-nemesis. Recommended.
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    • Author: Risteacor
    I enjoyed it immensely, its short and free. humor worked for me 90% of the time which is rare for me because even in the famed deadpool it only worked around 20% of the time.

    Im not sure if they could keep the energy going for a full movie (if they ever make one) but im rating the short and not a full movie that may never exist.

    people have made paraleles with other productions like sherlock homes with Sherlock Holmes with Downey Jr but things allegedly taken from there are story telling tools that existed even before that movie (it just made it more well known)

    There were some questionable choices, the story was structured logically but at one point a character whos whole thing is thinking things through movies into the open to trigger an action sequence, its very puzzling since the same results could have been gotten with him being more careful. Statue of poseidon was shaking as the character was climbing it, showing its clear fakeness. I have not read the comic this was based on so I wish the cameo at the end had been longer so we would get a bit more clear picture of what it was setting up, I get that it probably the main antagonists but a hit about their plan would have been nice.

    here a bit of personal preference. I enjoyed that there was no sex humor. Now Im not puritan, I enjoyed future man when many others did not but Russian comedies are known for their nausea inducing sex humor, to a point you would be hard pressed to think of single Russian comedy from the last 20 years that did not have at least a subplot of men whoring themselves/being forced to sleep with someone they don't like or being locked out of the house as they were about to get some. even the Russian version of Mrs. Doubtfire was full of it. anyways this has nothing to do with this short and maybe is just my personal issue but I found it refreshing.
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    • Author: Innadril
    My rating of 5 is purely on the fact that movie is just too short (I was left on the end of the movie like there was supposed to be another half of the movie I never saw). If it was a full length movie with a full length story at the same quality, I would rate it between 8 and 10. This way 5 is the maximum.
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    • Author: Nikobar
    "Mayor Grom" is a short film from Russia that runs for slightly under half an hour and has managed to get millions of views on Youtube despite being only two weeks old now. The writer and director is Vladimir Besedin and this is his very first work, also as a producer. The plot description here on IMDb is incorrect really as this film is about a super-strong and super-fast police officer, namely the title character, who takes care of a bunch of bank robbers all wearing clown masks. Probably not a coincidence this joker reference. Anyway, the first half was fairly solid, but the second half that basically only consists of chase scenes is really forgettable. The introduction of the title character at the end through the newscaster is slightly better again. However, overall, it was not a particularly good, let alone memorable watch. If you don't speak Russian, then make sure you got subtitles, even if there is not that much dialogue in here. Maybe one of the films biggest strengths and problems at the very same time was how American it looked, so it seemed like a forgettable copy on many occasions and that it lacked individualism too. Watch something else instead I guess.
  • Credited cast:
    Ivan Fominov Ivan Fominov - Glavar
    Anton Kuznetsov Anton Kuznetsov - Psycho
    Danila Yakushev Danila Yakushev - Driver
    Anatoliy Koshcheev Anatoliy Koshcheev - Twin guards
    Oysel More Despaygne Oysel More Despaygne - Gromila
    Aleksandr Gorbatov Aleksandr Gorbatov - Mayor Grom
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