» » Ryan's Hope Episode #1.1670 (1975–1989)

Short summary

Ari gets Faith to pose for Ari's stella. EJ goes to the Soap's office to get a job. She is the right size for the nurse's uniform so she gets to act as Barbara's nurse. EJ misses her mark while wheeling Barbara in thus provoking an argument on the set. Faith and Ari go to Spencer's house for the photo session. Faith again looks just like the Merit Kara. Spencer sees them. The curse of the Merit Kara strikes.

Episode credited cast:
Ellen Barber Ellen Barber - Pamela Thatcher
Judith Barcroft Judith Barcroft - Barbara Wilde
Maureen Garrett Maureen Garrett - Elizabeth Jane Ryan
Eve Gordon Eve Gordon - Mindy Peters (as Eve Bennett-Gordon)
George S. Irving George S. Irving - Forrest Turner
Mary Elaine Monti Mary Elaine Monti - Megis Calling
Karen Morris Gowdy Karen Morris Gowdy - Dr. Faith Coleridge
Lester Rawlins Lester Rawlins - Spencer Smith
Gordon Thomson Gordon Thomson - Aristotle Benedict White
Jeffrey Ware Jeffrey Ware - Dick Biggs
Chip Zien Chip Zien - Daniel Thorne
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