» » Crimen en el paraíso Beyond the Shining Sea: Part Two (2011– )

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Jack and his team face the toughest challenge of their lives when tragedy strikes close to home.

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    • Author: Duzshura
    Fictional St. Marie is a difficult place to keep the local law enforcement, w. two gone in one season! Sad episode! Goodbye Florence. Josephine Jobert has done a great job! ????
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    • Author: Gerceytone
    By the end of Part One we heard two shots and DS Florence Cassell was lying on the floor.

    As soon as the second episode gets underway, there is further tragedy for Florence. The second shot was meant for Patrice.

    For DI Jack Mooney this is personal as Florence is rushed to hospital. The team trace who Patrice had phoned. Some rich people living off Saint-Marie in a small island, all living in a big house.

    Mooney soon scents that all three people are lying but which one of them shot Florence and Patrice. It might also lead to a reinterpretation of the events in Part One.

    This was another enjoyable episode. It was good to Commissioner Patterson getting involved. The actual method of getting away from the island and returning was both brazen and clever. I actually felt part of it was inspired by the Robert Redford film, All Is Lost.
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    • Author: Skyway
    The nonsense of the early episodes this season seems a million miles away from this episode. If I'm honest I can think of no other episode I've enjoyed more. Intriguing, thrilling, hugely moving.

    Joséphine Jobert was the standout performer in this episode, which included some top notch actors in the form of Saskia Reeves and Angus Drayton, she gave a powerful, emotional performance, and had me close to tears. She was much missed this series.

    The tone and pitch of this episode, as with the previous, was the real winner, a much more engaging story, more grown up in tone, devoid of any Carry on movie scenes.

    The most I've engaged in an episode for some time.

    Outstanding! 10/10
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    • Author: LadyShlak
    Great episode with an interesting story line. But this new girl Officer Ruby Patterson played by Shyko Amos is too annoying and needs to go, she is no replacement for the brilliant Danny John-Jules as Dwayne. So sad to see Joséphine Jobert as DS Florence Cassell leave the show, she will be missed. Please get rid of Officer Ruby Patterson and bring back Dwayne.
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    • Author: Eayaroler
    The BRILLIANT series created by Robert Thorogood has ended with 8.1 being the last episode that remotely adheres to the concept.

    The most important part of the concept has always been to reveal just enough details for the clever viewer to determine the killer before the detective. The grand reveal is made for the viewer - not for the possible murder suspects. Okay, there were a few episodes with Kriss Marshall that broke the concept, but never five in a row.

    There is nothing interesting about the show anymore. Just another mainstream show with cast being replaced on a regular basis.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Joséphine Jobert Joséphine Jobert - DS Florence Cassell
    Tobi Bakare Tobi Bakare - Officer J.P. Hooper
    Ardal O'Hanlon Ardal O'Hanlon - DI Jack Mooney
    Shyko Amos Shyko Amos - Officer Ruby Patterson
    Leemore Marrett Jr. Leemore Marrett Jr. - Patrice Campbell
    Don Warrington Don Warrington - Commissioner Selwyn Patterson
    Nicôle Lecky Nicôle Lecky - Tiana Palmer
    Zackary Momoh Zackary Momoh - Harrison Green
    Alastair Mackenzie Alastair Mackenzie - Ewan Boyd
    Saskia Reeves Saskia Reeves - Frances Compton
    Angus Deayton Angus Deayton - Martin Stow
    Elizabeth Bourgine Elizabeth Bourgine - Catherine Bordey
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