» » Cosmic Quantum Ray Are We There Yet? (2009– )

Short summary

Quantum Ray poses as the school bus driver for Robbie and the Science Club's field trip, however the bus winds up captured at Area 52, where government agents intend to imprison Team Quantum!

Episode credited cast:
Alina Bolshakova Alina Bolshakova - Geecey
Richard Ian Cox Richard Ian Cox - Dustin / Chip (voice)
Tom Kenny Tom Kenny - Quantum Ray / Kronecker / Professor Evil Brainhead (voice)
Colin Murdock Colin Murdock - Bucketworth (voice)
Pauline Newstone Pauline Newstone - Olga / Contessa De Worm (voice)
Sam Vincent Sam Vincent - Robbie / Justin / Zooty (voice)
Chiara Zanni Chiara Zanni - Atee / Geecey (voice)
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