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College students, Terry, Nancy and Gloria are on their way to a rock concert, driving through a torrential rainstorm... only to crash their car, badly injuring one of them. Seeking shelter and aid they come across a house occupied by a man-hating mother and her daughter... our trio soon wish they hadn't.

The film was banned in the UK as part of the "Video Nasties" controversy in 1983 due to its graphic violence and nudity, and was literally pulled-off shelves nationwide. It was later given an uncut DVD release in 2004.

The film had already received notoriety in the UK after being featured on the BBC News as part of a report concerning the availability of uncertified video films. Even though the film had received a cinema certificate by the BBFC this led to it being banned and included on the DPP list of 72 video nasties. The film was eventually passed uncut in the UK in 2005.

Nearly every single person involved with the film were locals from the Portland, Oregon area.

Released on VHS by CBS/Fox video in Australia and New Zealand in 1984.

The car the girls are driving appears to be a white early 80's Soviet made 4 door Lada Signet, a car that was never imported into the U.S. but was imported heavily in Canada. The majority of vehicles that appear in Unhinged happen to be either white, or whitish light colored vehicles - Perhaps a trend in Portland at the time, or just coincidence.

The film has been considered by some to be a loose remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974).

The radioman at the very beginning of the film states "A note to you rock n' roller's out there, if you're planning on heading up to Pinewood for the big music festival, you'd better pack some warm clothing." No mention is made specifically of a "jazz festival." And the girl's are listening to blues rock music in the car on the way there.

The trailer for the film was featured on the 1984 CBS/Fox video VHS of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) in Australia and New Zealand. Like Brad Majors and Janet Weiss, the lead protagonist of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), playing in that film by Barry Boswick and Susan Sarandon. The main protagonists of this film Terry, Nancy and Gloria's car breaks down during a rainstorm and they are taken in by the family living in the mansion.

The word "unhinged" means mentally unbalance; deranged.

In the trailer of the film, the scene which Terry discovers the bodies of her friends and the bodies of other victims in a shed is in slow motion. But on the Australian/New Zealand CBS/Fox video videotapes of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) and Wizards (1977), the sequence in the trailer is not in slow motion.

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Cast overview:
Laurel Munson Laurel Munson - Terry Morgan
Janet Penner Janet Penner - Marion Penrose (as J.E. Penner)
Sara Ansley Sara Ansley - Nancy Paulson
Virginia Settle Virginia Settle - Mrs. Penrose
John Morrison John Morrison - Norman Barnes
Barbara Lusch Barbara Lusch - Gloria
Bill Simmonds Bill Simmonds - Carl Penrose
Francine Molter Francine Molter - Terry's Mother (voice)
Dave Hood Dave Hood - DJ (voice)
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