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    • Author: Vetitc
    Obviously only a part of the town, some might not even wanna call it Hamburg at all. But this plays out in the "gutter" as some may call it. The "lower level" beings in the street and their fight/struggle to survive. Which most of the time is not only bloody and tough but also to a degree deadly.

    The effects are OK, for a small budget genre movie from Germany. Though some things do come off as weird (bloody noses and other stuff), which might put some viewers off. Acting is not always consistent either, but get high points when one of the villains has to play/act "evil", especially towards the end. The reactions of his victims almost make it comical of course, though I'm not sure to what degree this was intended. Overall good intentions and Timo Rose has an established name, so if you're a fan already, you know what you'll get
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Lisa Katharina Volk Lisa Katharina Volk - Sarah
    Max Evans Max Evans - Markus
    Marc Engel Marc Engel - Uffuk
    Nikolai Will Nikolai Will - (D)Jängo
    Tessa Bergmeier Tessa Bergmeier - Tina
    Vaile Fuchs Vaile Fuchs - Maria
    Rebekka Mueller Rebekka Mueller - Frau Wagner
    Andre Koock Andre Koock - Bonno / Gast an Tisch 4
    Nils Long Nils Long - Kelle
    Vanessa Eichholz Vanessa Eichholz - Chantal
    Thomas Binder Thomas Binder - Eddie
    Jacky Ballon Jacky Ballon - Andrea
    Andrea Rudolf Andrea Rudolf - Jasmin
    Ewa Niziuk Ewa Niziuk - Linda / Gast an Tisch 1
    Julia Gebhardt Julia Gebhardt - Masha
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