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    • Author: Andronrad
    A tautly written short film with some nice performances by Poppy Montgomery and William Forsythe. Forsythe catches the right tone as an ex-con looking to turn his talent as an artist (tattoos) into a break, and chooses Montgomery as his canvas for the big competition. Montgomery is both sexy and spunky as she literally risks her hide to earn a couple of extra dollars. The tattoo convention scenes are nice, and Forsythe, a terrific and underrated actor, and Montgomery catch the right chemistry with their swift banter from Cutler and Rubenstein's script. An entertaining and well-spent half-hour. If it happens to flash by while you're sitting on the couch, it's definitely worth the time.
  • Credited cast:
    Keith Coogan Keith Coogan
    Michelle Csitos Michelle Csitos - Peacock
    Wendy Cutler Wendy Cutler
    William Forsythe William Forsythe
    Caitlin McLean Caitlin McLean
    Frank Medrano Frank Medrano
    Poppy Montgomery Poppy Montgomery
    Tony Plana Tony Plana
    Danny Romo Danny Romo
    Sara Rubenstein Sara Rubenstein
    Sarah Stanley Sarah Stanley
    Daniel Villarreal Daniel Villarreal
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