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    • Author: Charyoll
    This movie follows a man named (you'll never guess) Larry O'Donnell. He is a 29 year-old virgin and is determined to lose this stigma by the time his Thirtieth birthday comes around. His vow is two-sided however, because if this lofty goal is not achieved, then he has claimed he will be joining the Priesthood. Somewhat of an original idea this movie is only 26 minutes long. This really doesn't give it enough time to develop the main characters or really make its point well enough to reach a large audience, but it does make its mark with the viewers and provides a realistic view of what Larry's situation would be like if it was actually the life of some real person. This movie is not over commercialized and rings true to a man struggling with modern day demands (that tell men that they are not really men until they have sex) and the "loser" stigma he feels being almost thirty and never having actually "done the deed." So 6 of 10 is my rating. Worth watching but do not over-analyze.
  • Credited cast:
    Damion Dietz Damion Dietz - Larry Gantry
    Saadia Billman Saadia Billman - Brandy Hu
    Michael McMullen Michael McMullen - Clark Flah
    Stephanie Block Stephanie Block - Gretchen Coneelie
    Stephanie Kirchen Stephanie Kirchen - Summer Ipswitch (as Stephanie Orff)
    Heather Hiltermann Heather Hiltermann - Tracy Harper
    Louise Finch Louise Finch - Larry's mother
    Sharon Orff Sharon Orff - Iris Ligon
    Daisy Elin Ashenfelter Daisy Elin Ashenfelter - Hillary Glen
    Larry Billman Larry Billman - Father Martin
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Jill Kocalis Jill Kocalis - Michelle
    Reed Prescott Reed Prescott - Larry's Nude Model
    Tom Zappala Tom Zappala - Hairdresser
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