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Desperate to replenish the ship's power resources, Voyager seeks out a deuterium signature on a class "Y" a.k.a. "Demon Class" planet. After nearly being lost, Paris and Kim are thought to be "bioformed" to the planet's atmosphere. Further investigation uncovers a strange life form which after making physical contact with the away team, has developed self-awareness and will do anything to keep it.

Garrett Wang has claimed that the scene in this episode where Tom Paris asks Harry Kim if he has put on weight was a slight against the male actors on Voyager, as they all had put on weight during the fourth season. Wang claimed that he asked executive producer Brannon Braga why this issue was brought up on the show and Braga allegedly responded "Well, if you and McNeill continue on your eating ways, we'll have to change the name of the show to "Star Trek: Voyager - Pigs in Space"."

This is the first episode in which Roxann Dawson appears as B'Elanna Torres since she went into labor during the shooting of "The Omega Directive".

The third-to-last episode of Star Trek: Voyager (1995)'s fourth season. Coincidentally, the third-to-last episode of Enterprise (2001)'s fourth season, aired exactly seven years later on May 6, 2005, was entitled Enterprise: Demons (2005).

The term "Demon" planet is accurate, as 500 Kelvins is equal to 440 degrees Fahrenheit.

The idea of crew members having their respiratory and other systems altered was earlier explored in TAS: "The Ambergris Element".

This takes place in 2374.

47 reference: 7 of 9 orders a crew member to "narrow the annular confinement beam to .47 terahertz."

This is the first episode which features Voyager operating in "gray mode" to conserve energy. "Gray mode" was seen again in the Season 5 episode "Counterpoint".

This episode takes place ten months and eleven days before the events in the episode "Course: Oblivion" (stardate 52586.3), which features the return of the duplicate crew introduced at the end of this episode.

User reviews

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    • Author: Xal
    This episode may seem boring at the beginning, even out of place; that's how it seemed to me. But even though such dilemmas and developments as are shown here may seem unusual, this episode is part of a continuing "meaning of life" trend seen over and again in voyager. The #1 best part of the episode takes place in the transporter room with captain Janeway "showing her true colors" as a friend of mine put it; thankfully she relents.

    The second best episode is that (what will become) a trend in Harry Kim's behavior starts here. Not just speaking out his opinion, but having confidence in his opinions and standing up for himself. Kim is right: he has a lot more experience now than when he first signed on as a "green", young ensign. Bottom line: if you can bear the first 10 minutes, the rest is great!
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    • Author: Uttegirazu
    "Demon" is a very unusual episode because it looks a lot more expensive and outer spacey compared to most episodes in the "Star Trek" world. Too often, when they visit worlds they all look about the same. However, here they land on a hot planet a bit like Mercury and to do so, they wear neat space suits. As for the planet, it looks really great!

    The show begins with Paris and Kim beaming down to this hellish looking planet. The ship needs power and they are there to see what they can find. However, something weird happens--when they try to beam back to the ship, neither can breath--like the planet has done something to change their physiology. However, there's far more to it than this...

    The story is nice and the sets are great. Worth seeing.
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    • Author: Broadcaster
    With their fuel almost out things are getting so desperate that life support has to be switched off in non essential areas which means crew must move out of they quarters and bed down elsewhere. Seven of Nine has been told to shut down her astrometrics lab but before she does so she finds a large source of the needed fuel; the problem is that is is on a planet that is so inhospitable that it is nicknamed a "Demon-class" planet. Normally they would never go to such a planet but being desperate Harry and Tom take a shuttle to the surface to get the required fuel. The find a strange silver substance which appears to contain the fuel, while Tom goes to investigate another source Harry appears to fall in or be pulled into the liquid, Tom gets him out but in the process their suits fail. Desperate for fuel Janeway decides to risk everything and land Voyager on the planet, when an away team goes out they are shocked to find Harry and Tom are alive and well... and without their protective suits despite the hot toxic atmosphere. Returning to the ship it becomes apparent that they need the planets atmosphere to survive. Whatever the strange liquid was it appears to have changed them in some fundamental way or perhaps it has done something even more surprising.

    This episode was good in the way it showed how Harry's character has developed, he is no longer fresh out of the Academy and when he has an idea he is willing to push that idea to the senior crew. Once it becomes apparent what is really happening it was surprising to see the captain come close to breaking the prime directive even if nobody points this out at the time. I could have done without the subplot about Neelix trying to find a bed in sickbay during fuel crisis but that is a fairly minor quibble in a good episode.
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    • Author: Lcena
    I don't know what to think. Voyager is out of deuterium and cutting its systems to the bone. A planet, considered dangerous, a demon planet, has tons of the stuff. So they send Tom and Harry (Dick stayed behind) to the surface. The locate pools of stuff (does anyone think it's a bit stupid that they use little cups that force them to stick their hands in this stuff, instead of some kind of pump device. When Seven and Chikotay go to the planet, Harry and Tom are walking around, giddy, with no protective suits. But when they come back to the ship, something strange occurs. Gains momentum and banks on some good imagination.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Kate Mulgrew Kate Mulgrew - Captain Kathryn Janeway
    Robert Beltran Robert Beltran - Chakotay
    Roxann Dawson Roxann Dawson - B'Elanna Torres
    Robert Duncan McNeill Robert Duncan McNeill - Tom Paris
    Ethan Phillips Ethan Phillips - Neelix
    Robert Picardo Robert Picardo - The Doctor
    Tim Russ Tim Russ - Tuvok
    Jeri Ryan Jeri Ryan - Seven of Nine
    Garrett Wang Garrett Wang - Harry Kim
    Alexander Enberg Alexander Enberg - Ensign Vorik
    Susan Lewis Susan Lewis - Transporter Technician
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