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A day in the life of a career sociopath. On her latest assignment, a hired hit-woman's world begins to fall apart when she comes face to face with her own mortality. But is it too late to turn back?
Winter, a burnt out, self destructive contract killer is on her way to a new assignment when Josh, her long time lover and partner, tries to persuade her to give up her career. Josh was in the business himself, and sees something in Winter that could compromise their life, but she struggles to come to grips with his honesty. Meanwhile complications arise with the mark, Sir Charles Barton, a member of the British parliament who has stolen twenty-two million dollars, discovers that the money is gone. Double-crossed by one of his cronies, Sir Charles spins out-of-control and hires an escort specialized in sado-masochistic sex. But the call is intercepted, and when Winter shows up disguised as the call girl, the game begins. Inevitably, Winter comes face to face with her own mortality as she struggles with the concept of something deeper, something that could change her. And after today, she may never be the same again. But for now it's too late to turn back, and blood will have to flow ...

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Cast overview:
Lisa Simmons Lisa Simmons - Winter
Jeff Wolfe Jeff Wolfe - Josh
David 'Shark' Fralick David 'Shark' Fralick - Jimmy
James Garrett James Garrett - Sir Charles Barton
Jan Bartlett Jan Bartlett - The Cleaner
William Kipp William Kipp - Bobby
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