» » Пятеро в масках (2008)

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A Turkish comedy film directed by Murat Aslan about an incompetent gang of criminals attempting to go straight, which was the fifth highest-grossing Turkish film of 2008.

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    • Author: Utchanat
    AHH OK Do not hit. Now this MBK (Masked Five Cypriot) has been laughing at me as long as this movie is shot everywhere. Now the team that plays in this movie has also played in the Hababam Class, as you know, and was shot from the ground, but the pleasure question is more funny than the recep ivedik There is a little better history.
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    • Author: Ironfire
    Before i watch the movie i was very curious. Because the cast is really stirring.These men are well-known comedians of Turkey.So expectations were at side of positive.

    When i watched it , i did not impressed. If we can watch that cast together at the real-life Im sure that will be more funny from that movie. Because there wasn't enough scenes to laugh. This sentence is enough to criticize a comedy film.

    And also i don't understand why did they add an emotional scene which is redundant for that movie.When that time i was thinking to stop or skip that scene but whatever i don't do it and i watched all the scenes.Maybe because of this or an insufficient chemistry of a cast, i give 5 points.
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    • Author: Chilldweller
    There were beautiful wits in the movie. But that wasn't perfect. Five masked guys who in the movie were replaced. I think that wasn't very good and don't have to. Mehmet Ali Erbil has been proper role.

    Two musicians's entries of movie was very good. This has added to beauty. The woman who helped Mehmet Ali Erbil I didn't see her. But I can say "she was good".

    There could be more actions, or love scenes on the movie. Because love is in every movie. Eventual, Turkish movies are more little watching than alien movies.

    This's reason is very open. So I'm giving five points.
  • Credited cast:
    Deniz Akkaya Deniz Akkaya
    Icmal Aktuna Icmal Aktuna
    Ugur Aslanoglu Ugur Aslanoglu - (as Ugur Arslanoglu)
    Peker Açikalin Peker Açikalin - (as Peker Acikalin)
    Sinan Bengier Sinan Bengier
    Mehmet Canbeg Mehmet Canbeg - Kazim
    Turgay Dogan Turgay Dogan
    Melih Ekener Melih Ekener
    Mehmet Ali Erbil Mehmet Ali Erbil - Rocky Selim
    Hamit Haskabal Hamit Haskabal
    Oguzhan Kocakli Oguzhan Kocakli - Hüseyin
    Kadir Konal Kadir Konal
    Cengiz Küçükayvaz Cengiz Küçükayvaz
    Seçil Mutlu Seçil Mutlu
    Deniz Oral Deniz Oral
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