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    • Author: Ynonno
    It could have been good.

    But it isn't. It's not difficult to say why. First Verona Feldbusch is not a good actress. And second the script writer put too much rubbish into his script.

    The basic story about a shy man in his late thirties who tries to find at last a wife in Poland could have been transformed into a funny film. But then suddenly there is also a half-hearted murder story woven into the rest and the film is done for. In this case less would have been more.

    Verona Feldbusch may be droll to watch on TV, but she doesn't have what it takes to be an actress. A few commercials don't replace a few years in acting school. Maybe she will be better in future years, learning from experience, but maybe it's just not the right thing for her.

    Ulrich Noethen. I don't know what drove him to take this role. He is by far the only actor in this pic who is convincing and not at all hammy. But he always is. The absolute only reason to see this film is him. When the viewer concentrates on him the film is bearable. Otherwise it's not.

    What did I like most about this film? Well, my answer is: the house. There is a small house looking a bit like a tea pot. That stayed in my mind. The rest is silence.
  • Credited cast:
    Ulrich Noethen Ulrich Noethen - Eugen Schafmeyer
    Verona Pooth Verona Pooth - Malgorzata "Goska" "Gosienka" (Goschka) Kawalerowicz (as Verona Feldbusch)
    Ingrid van Bergen Ingrid van Bergen - Regine Schafmeyer (Eugen's mother)
    Michael Schiller Michael Schiller - Fritz
    Roswitha Schreiner Roswitha Schreiner - Traudl
    Jean-François Perrier Jean-François Perrier - Kommissar
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Andreas Kunze Andreas Kunze
    Walo Lüönd Walo Lüönd
    Axel Neumann Axel Neumann
    Mika Walter Mika Walter - Lukasz
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