» » SOH8 One Ride Pony (2000)

Short summary

The sexy woman in One Ride Pony ends up as a female centaur in a Go-Go Club. She is a loner. Because she is unable to communicate with her environment, she becomes lost in her fantasies. Pursued by an alter ego, the cowgirl, she ends up as a female centaur. in a Go-Go Club. Locations are realistic and 'recognizable'. Actions become increasingly alienating but continue to be plausible due to the true-to-life setting. The logical structure is maintained throughout the course of the film, so that the tension between the alienating elements and the 'day-to-day reality' is optimized. One Ride Pony is a collaborative project of dancer/performer Susanne Ohmann and visual artist Alex Vermeulen. With her performance 'One Trick Pony' Susanne Ohmann won first prize for 'best body act' at the 1995 'Festival aan de Werf' in Utrecht. Ohmann approached Alex Vermeulen with the idea of developing 'One Trick Pony' into short film. Together they wrote the script. Vermeulen incorporated various elements ...

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