» » The Search for the Jersey Devil (2015)

Short summary

Many previously unexplored topics will be covered concerning the Jersey Devil: Interviews with the locals, Hammerhead bat theory, Dinosaur theory, Jersey Devil spotted in Oklahoma?, The Legend Mother Leeds, The Speculative Diet of the Jersey Devil, Footprints of the Jersey Devil, Leeds VS Shrouds Family, The 12 other kids, Hoaxes, Judgement Altar, Witches Well, Jersey Devil Bones, Sandhill Crane and much much more.

Credited cast:
Belinda B. Belinda B. - Herself
Mike B. Mike B. - Himself
Chris Chaos Chris Chaos - Himself
Frank Chille Frank Chille - Himself
Den Haller Den Haller - Himself
Jack Jack - Himself
Charley L. Charley L. - Himself
Laura L. Laura L. - Herself
Marc Marc - Himself
Melanie Melanie - Herself
Heather N. Heather N. - Herself
Jon Rambo Jon Rambo - Himself
Rick Rowe Rick Rowe - Himself
Ken Sooy Sr. Ken Sooy Sr. - Himself
Tom Truelove Tom Truelove - Himself
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