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The gang is invited to Logan's dad's mansion for spring break, only to find out they are being used for testing a new reality show called "Gender Defenders." Now it's boys against girls and, when Chase accidentally sends a text message to Zoey proclaiming his true feelings for her, they start to wonder if it's Spring Break or Spring Bummer.

This was aired together with Zoey 101: Spring Break-Up (2006) as a 2h-TV-special.

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    • Author: Gelgen
    Ughh this movie is awful. The script is stupid and of course chase doesn't tell zoey he doesn't love her!!! Like every episode...ill never understand zoey 101 (the show) Also , why the heck does Logan's dad act SO retarted. And its only about zoey and chase what about the other characters. Its always the same in every episode Quinn makes and invention something goes terribly wrong with the invention and zoeys brother always gets involved in it. If you haven't seen it don't waste an hour watching this cuz you'll be wasting your time!!SMaybe this may be interesting to an eight year old well 8- 10 but i cnat imagine any1 older watching this retarted film. But what can you expect from nick???
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    • Author: Ghordana
    OK I don't have a major problem with this movie, it was OK and all but Imean seriously, the same thing happens EVERY TIME. Chase tries to tell her. Distraction. It's the same thing that happens in a lot of the episodes. But seriously how much can happen in ONE HOUR. I didn't expect him to tell her in the first place, but after so many all most's, I thought it would happen. Didn't. I also know how to solve Chase's tekemate problem and yes I know it takes away form the drama but it is as easy as this. Chase (standing by the safe) Oh, Hey Zoey you drooped this.

    Problem solved.

    This was a little disappointing and it took away time for me to watch the High School Musical Dance-Along. Who agrees with me?
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    • Author: Venemarr
    I can't say I was surprised at this atrocity when I watched it a couple months or weeks ago (can't remember). I saw it as a two part episode of Zoey 101, because that's how they showed it here in Canada.

    I was incredibly annoyed at the Makeover a Nerd thing, it's just an example of how unaccepting, unappreciating, superficial, negative, biased, and stereotypical the people in the entertainment business is and frankly I'm extremely peeved. It wasn't at all funny. A nerd is a stereotype and it makes people very offended.

    Secondly, the people in Zoey 101 don't have real problems. Logan has a big house, he has a famous dad, he has everything and Zoey is rich too. They never have to deal with the things that today's tweens and teens have to do deal with such as peer pressure, and stereotype problems. Also, the actors are horrific. Jamie Lynn Spears doesn't deserve to be in a television show as successful as Zoey 101 (what is wrong with the world?), she doesn't have any talent as an actor. In fact, she's worse than Britney! The Chase and Zoey thing was incredibly predictable, I mean how could the show go on with Zoey and Chase dating? What other problems could they possibly have? Except for the fact that Chase doesn't get the girl he wants, everything is perfect! The absolute worse 48 minutes of my television watching life. Ever. 0/10 (and that's being generous)
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    • Author: Tori Texer
    what can i say expect i had high hopes for this movie after seeing the previews and that it would be interesting and a good nick movie but got let down by the shortness for one and not enough drama or whatever you call it in a show like this cause it looked like there was going to be a big climax that could attract the brain, wow was i wrong. i liked the concept and i'll admit it wasn't all that bad and the reason is because they did exactly what the movie was about, go to Logan's house for spring break but then get on TV where push comes to shove, but like i said due to the shortness it could of been much better so that's why i'm giving this movie 5/10. average.
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    • Author: Aloo
    This was the best Zoey 101 I've ever seen. I would highly suggest buying it on DVD. Nickolodeon is running it periodically so you should check it out and see if you can watch it. The ending was very well planned and it was very unexpected. We get to see Logans massive house in Sana Barbra. The house they use in the movie is actually just a house 20 minutes away from Pepperdine University(where the show is filmed). The acting is much better in this movie than in all the other episodes combined. If you like this show at all your missing out if you don't see this movie. It's out on DVD, so if you can't watch it on TV you can always order it from amazon.
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    • Author: Shan
    This movie is decent and entertaining enough for its target audience of approximate ages 8-12. The characters and cast may be teenagers, but the viewers are not, and they're the ones who will enjoy this. Nickelodean movies are Usually well-done; this one was not Academy Award/Emmy material, but it was just fine.

    If anyone found this movie lame, too short, or with an uneventful ending, they apparently were not the right age for it. (Though don't go for too mature, because you will find more "cliffhanger-endings" as in this movie.) And from what I read, those negative reviewers should be spending more time studying instead of watching TV.
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    • Author: Karg
    Oh My God, this is so idiotic. Completely pointless, offensive, and repulsive. Why do the writers have such a problem with actually getting Zoey and Chase together we all want them too! in normal shows, there's actually MORE THAN ONE plot conflict in the show, wow, what a concept. also, you cant even tell the Zoey 101 episodes apart from each other because the same thing happens every time. Quinn exploits Dustin for some weird thing, Nicole is giggly and stupid, Zoey is just kinda there, Chase slobbers after her all the time but she amazingly fails to notice, and Logan is a jerk. repeat. Quinn exploits Dustin for some weird thing, Nicole is giggly and stupid, Zoey is just kinda there, Chase slobbers after her all the time but she amazingly fails to notice, and Logan is a jerk. repeat. it's like a shampoo bottle. and the end of the movie, omg again. so pointless NOTHING HAPPENS. it's like they specifically designed it so that the movie could fit between any two episodes of the show and the show would go completely unchanged after the movie plot.
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    • Author: Fog
    To the reviewer: Oh God. Why is it that Nickelodeon has such a hard time producing even a half-decent movie? I mean, this movie might have been good, but it was: A. Too short B. Rather superficial, stereotypical, and insulting to some C. Ultimately pointless First of all, the "dress up the nerd to look cool" thing was VERY consumerist, VERY superficial, VERY pointless, and VERY insulting. It has the stereotypical nerds-stupid faces, glasses, never kissed, vacations with his mom, etc. Well maybe the reason that guy has never kissed a girl is because he's gay! Does that mean that all gays are nerds? And what's wrong with being friends with your mother? I dunno about the gay bit, yes it is shallow, Malcom? I believe, was shallow but then he is Logan's father. I don't think they'd say loser. Nerds are different is all. But Beauty and the Geek, and there are beautiful people, make-over shows so they tied that into the movie. Yes, it was short. It was barely a movie to me. Where were 2 more competitions? A little bit annoyed me, but it is a nick TV show, movie. You cannot blame them, it's very normal. They think it works. I think they would know okay.

    The worst part, by far, was the ending. The whole drama of the movie revolved around Zoey finding out Chase loved her, and blah blah blah, and then, when Chase finally decided to tell her, A. he didn't tell her in person because right as he was about to the typical distraction came along B. he tried to text message her, but her PDA fell into a fountain and died before she got the message.

    The End. A, that's HALF the show, have u seen it? The writer's did that, so again they tied that into the movie as was expected.

    HOW LAME IS THAT????? I mean, why is it that cartoonists just can't change anything in the series? So many of us would like to see these two get together. Why can't we see it? I mean, are the producers really that uncreative, that they can't think up new problems to go with changes in the series? So they have to stick with the same plot and outlines, and make as many episodes as they can just using those? After a while, it gets dull and frustrating.

    I WANTED TO SEE SOME ACTUAL ROMANCE IN HERE, DARN IT! They could, but since the writers tend to have these crushes, they cannot. I for one think its' very good. Keeps the suspense. I don't exactly love it, I want them together too! But it didn't happen in the movie, no need to get mad or anything, it's just TV and they WILL toward the end of the season or the end of the series, and there's the next movie, season 3 or the movie maybe they will. My guess is after the movie cuz there will be a few episodes still to go.

    Okay. I'm done with my rant. I gave my comments, I'm pretty good w this TV so just trust me on this okay? Give the movie a chance. I love Chase's reaction when he sent the text message to Zoey instead and he's freaking out and Mad. And when he says "I got Frazed" ? And when he falls into the water, yummy for a 16 y/o might I add. A little underarm hair, eww. And the Butler, when he says " I will put it on my blog" Please, like the butler knows or does blogging. I see Zoey talking about Logan, and then he's staring at her, I'm thinking a love triangle here, similar to RFR(also good TV if you like the crushes and 9th graders stuff and they DO get together.) Okay I'm done now.
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    • Author: Ielonere
    This movie rules! This is a great TV special I think it had a wonderful plot also because the main plot focused on the boys and girls competing and the romance between Chase and Zoey. If you have watched the TV episodes before the TV special was made you might have noticed that in the episodes leading up to the TV Special the plot was part of the plot and events in those episodes. By the end of the special part of the plot was left unanswered. I do wish they answer the rest of the plot next season on Zoey 101. Overall it's a nice end to a somewhat rocky season. I will watch next season of Zoey 101 hoping to find out the answer.
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    • Author: Maridor
    I don't see why people say it's too short, okay, so it's not that long, but what do you expect from a Nick movie? I mean, they just wanted to make something a little bit longer than an episode..but short enough for littler kids not to get too bored with it. I though this movie was very good, a nice mixture of romance, humor, and pure teenager stuff. Puts teenage boys and girls on a movie most can relate too, minus the huge house, TV Game Show, and Tex-mates. It has a great colorful cast of characters. Gives us what some teens want, a little bit of humored love! Shows what real life can be like when you take a boy who loves a girl and takes them both to a Spring Break Vaction together, absolute trouble.
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    • Author: Iraraeal
    this is the best ever. so good i spent like....15 bucks on it. it is a great movie and the DVD is even better. it comes with 2 episodes. i watch it like every other day. i really liked the ending to this movie.annoying yes. dumb no. i mean...when i first saw the ending i thought " all right. hes gonna tell her." then when i saw the sidekick fall into the fountain i thought. " i would not be that careless with something that expensive." and " why doesn't chase run out there and grab it?! he would know where it is." but anyway overall its a great movie. and to all those people that don't like must have no fun. ever.

    p.s. the new episode will air on the 18.

    its called the peoples auction. it will be on at 5:00 pm

  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Jamie Lynn Spears Jamie Lynn Spears - Zoey Brooks
    Paul Butcher Paul Butcher - Dustin Brooks
    Sean Flynn Sean Flynn - Chase Matthews
    Victoria Justice Victoria Justice - Lola Martinez
    Christopher Massey Christopher Massey - Michael Barret
    Alexa Nikolas Alexa Nikolas - Nicole Bristow
    Erin Sanders Erin Sanders - Quinn Pensky
    Matthew Underwood Matthew Underwood - Logan Reese
    Michael Corbett Michael Corbett - Malcolm Reese
    Allen Evangelista Allen Evangelista - Firewire / Wayne Gilbert
    Ronnie Sperling Ronnie Sperling - Chauncy
    Napiera Groves Napiera Groves - Kyra (as Napiera Danielle Groves)
    Kirsten Michaels Kirsten Michaels - Kris Dangl (as Kirsten Allyn Michaels)
    Kristopher Barnett Kristopher Barnett - Boy #1
    Justin Collins Justin Collins - Ben Pluimer
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