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    • Author: Ynneig
    This is a film that was shown in London in 2003, as far as I know, only at Panton Street Odeon, which shows interesting films.

    I only went to see it because a major paper had given it a positive, if not rave review as a debut feature. I think it's a solid film in the psychological horror mode, which is good for a debut. It has no real innovations or surprises except that it is crafted well.

    What does stand out is some of the incidental humour, like in a scene where a car crashes, and yet when the man wearily gets out he finds somehow it is perfectly parked between two cars. The friend I went to see it with particularly appreciated this and still mentions it today.

    Still, it is a film with scenes I can still vividly remember, so it must have something going for it.

    Also, the director has a very exotic, Arab(?) name, and it is always good to see a film made by a director with such a name that is more David Cronenberg than about Palestine or something along that line.
  • Credited cast:
    Justin Allder Justin Allder - Tom
    Philip Campbell Philip Campbell - Robber
    Camilla Heaney Camilla Heaney - Margaret
    Robin Hellier Robin Hellier - Policeman
    Paula Jennings Paula Jennings - Eve
    Sam Loggin Sam Loggin - Jane
    Markus Napier Markus Napier - Dave
    Hannah Watkins Hannah Watkins - Emma
    John Webber John Webber - Ali
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