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The Doris Day Show The Gift (1968–1973) watch online HD

The Doris Day Show The Gift (1968–1973) watch online HD
  • Original title:The Gift
  • Category:TV Episode / Comedy
  • Released:1968–1973
  • Director:Harry Falk
  • Actors:Doris Day,Denver Pyle,James Hampton
  • Writer:Arthur Alsberg,Don Nelson
  • Duration:23min
  • Video type:TV Episode

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Short summary

Doris convenes a household meeting, minus one person: LeRoy. The reason?: it's LeRoy's one year anniversary as a member of the "family", and Doris wants to throw him a surprise party to celebrate the milestone. Doris issues a reconnaissance mission: for them to find out what LeRoy would really like as a gift, without telling him about the anniversary, the party or the fact of the plan to buy him a gift. Their reconnaissance uncovers that LeRoy is not into material possessions. But a letter LeRoy receives from his grandmother makes Doris realize the perfect gift would be to give LeRoy a week off, and bus fare so that he can visit his grandmother. Buck doesn't like the idea as he is concerned about them not being able to do all LeRoy's chores while he's gone above their own work. So Doris, Billy and Toby decide to do a trial run in preparation for LeRoy's absence, with interesting results, especially on LeRoy's psyche.

Episode complete credited cast:
Doris Day Doris Day - Doris Martin
Denver Pyle Denver Pyle - Buck Webb
James Hampton James Hampton - LeRoy B. Simpson
Philip Brown Philip Brown - Billy Martin
Todd Starke Todd Starke - Toby Martin (as Tod Starke)
Naomi Stevens Naomi Stevens - Juanita
Lord Nelson Lord Nelson - Nelson the Sheepdog
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