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Jay is dissatisfied with how she and Michael spend their nights out and so signs them up for Samba lessons; Michael doesn't take kindly to Jay flirting with her male dance instructor and so decides to give her a dose of her own medicine by having him replaced with a sexy woman instructor. Meanwhile, Claire makes the cheerleading squad in school even though she doesn't have the coordination to make it and the family tries to break the news to her.

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    • Author: Flamekiller
    Don't get me wrong - I liked the series, but I do hate it when American writers fail to do their research and start casting Spanish-speakers as Brazilians, or making Spanish language jokes trying to pass it off as Brazilian. Ruicoco? Are you seriously expecting me to believe that THIS is a Brazilian name? First of all, we DON'T speak Spanish in Brazil, we speak Portuguese, so the name wouldn't be pronounced "RRRRRuicoco", it would be pronounced "HOOOeycoco", if it were a Brazilian surname, which it ISN'T. The music wasn't samba, it was salsa, which is as foreign to us here as French music is to Americans. The episode has the valuable lessons on jealousy and doing the right thing, but the horrible stereotypes, none of which are accurate, far outweigh the potential good side of the episode. As much as I enjoyed "My Wife and Kids", this episode was by far the worst they did.
  • Episode credited cast:
    Damon Wayans Damon Wayans - Michael Kyle
    Tisha Campbell-Martin Tisha Campbell-Martin - Janet 'Jay' Kyle
    George Gore II George Gore II - Michael Kyle Jr. (as George O. Gore II)
    Jennifer Freeman Jennifer Freeman - Claire Kyle (as Jennifer Nicole Freeman)
    Parker McKenna Posey Parker McKenna Posey - Kady Kyle
    Joseph Vassallo Joseph Vassallo - Marcello Roccocco
    Sofía Vergara Sofía Vergara - Selma (as Sofia Vergara)
    Porscha Coleman Porscha Coleman - Shaneka
    Ally Maki Ally Maki - Sasha (as Ally Matsumura)
    Brooke Anne Smith Brooke Anne Smith - Jessica
    Jordi Caballero Jordi Caballero - Joe
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Rheagan Wallace Rheagan Wallace - Kathy
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