» » Dripping Water (1969)

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Still image of a bowl in which it is leaking a leaky faucet.

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    • Author: Rivik
    This 10-minute short is a single medium-long shot of water dripping into a pail. Its intent is to put the viewer into a meditative state via the single image and the perpetual rhythm of water landing inside. However, that is slightly botched by the sound of the Bolex running and kids chattering in the background. It's like trying to meditate while someone in the same room keeps changing radio stations; very frustrating. This piece almost becomes Warholian anti-art.As with most Michael Snow films (this work belongs more with the oeuvre of Snow, than that of his co-director and former wife, Joyce Wieland), we get the point long before the film ends, and the remainder of the running time becomes a bore.
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