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Coping with the death of a loved one is difficult, but denying it is dangerous. Wake is a powerful and symbolic short film that deals with death and the process of acceptance. The film tells the story of a man trapped in an empty house with the death of a loved one hanging over him. As the denial falls apart, so does the world that he's trapped in.

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    • Author: Nahelm
    Imagine a world you thought you knew and everything familiar isn't what it seems. It's pretty scary discovering this and it was for the lead character in Wake. The audience is entranced by the man who is trying to figure out his past and the death of a loved one. He has problems trying to revisit those memories and experiences it in flashes. The story twists and turns and leaves the audience guessing (similarly to the style of Inception) until the surprise at the very end. The brilliant writer and director Austin Smagalski has portrayed this story of coping with death very well and the indie short has very high production quality. Jared Newman and Rebecca Patti play their roles very well and their chemistry sets the tone for the short and leads the audience on this quest for release from the pain of losing their signifcant other. Most of these shorts are filmed on a limited budget and the type of cinematography and acting experience lends itself to make me believe this was done on a studio budget. Keep an eye on this promising filmmaker. I am expecting to see him in Hollywood directing the next major studio film someday.
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    John Erskine John Erskine
    Jared Newman Jared Newman
    Rebekah Patti Rebekah Patti
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