» » Nothing Trivial In Happy Days the Fonz Dated Which Set of Sisters? (2011– )

Short summary

Mac struggles to tell the truth, but will Brian be able to handle what he learns? Emma gets a big surprise.

Episode cast overview:
Blair Strang Blair Strang - Brian King
Debbie Newby-Ward Debbie Newby-Ward - Emma Wedgewood
Shane Cortese Shane Cortese - Mac Delany
Tandi Wright Tandi Wright - Catherine Duvall
Nicole Whippy Nicole Whippy - Michelle Hardcastle
Aaron Ward Aaron Ward - Quiz Master (Bob Bachelor)
Richard Knowles Richard Knowles - Richard
Will Hall Will Hall - Cory
Katherine Kennard Katherine Kennard - Jo
Isla Murphy Isla Murphy - Constance Wedgewood
Jason Hoyte Jason Hoyte - Smudge
Simon Mead Simon Mead - Noah Delany
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