» » I Hate the Man in My Basement (2017)

Short summary

After his wife's death, Claude struggles to appear normal while living with a Secret.

Credited cast:
Manny Montana Manny Montana - Logan
Nora-Jane Noone Nora-Jane Noone - Kyra
Chris Marquette Chris Marquette - Claude
Mary Birdsong Mary Birdsong - Lita Bronze
Trisha LaFache Trisha LaFache - Soria
Angie Simms Angie Simms - Echo
Benedita Pereira Benedita Pereira - Tattiana
Cyrus Farmer Cyrus Farmer - Detective McGee
Jeffrey Doornbos Jeffrey Doornbos - Riley
Reid Shapiro Reid Shapiro - Nerdy Teen
Dustin Cook Dustin Cook - J. Effen John
Robin Daléa Robin Daléa - Molly
Robert Ryan Kline Robert Ryan Kline - Ronnie
Madelyn Allen Madelyn Allen - Brooke Enrist
Courtney Henderson Courtney Henderson - Rylee
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