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Remade by Trem Carr and Paul Malvern's "Lone Star Productions" in 1935 as "Desert Trail" starring John Wayne.Cowhand Steve Kendall(Bob Steele) and slick eastern confidence man "Boston" Harry Manners(Ted Adams)become friends but are rivals for the hand of fair Juanita(Josephine Velez), a girl whose hands are influenced by whoever deposited the last trinket in them. Nikkos(Al Bridge) deposits a trinket from a robbery/murder committed by he and Bud Warren(Eddie Fetherston), but Juanita, when pressed, points the finger at Boston Harry, as it is hard for a girl such as Juanita who gets many trinkets to keep up with just who, among the general population, added to her trinket collection and when.The locals are about to string Harry up but he is saved by Steve and they light out for friendlier surroundings in another town. There, they meet storekeeper Ma Warren(Florence Turner) and her pretty daughter Sally(Frances Morris) and Steve and Harry start vieing for her attentions, with Steve in ...

This film received its earliest documented telecast in the New York City area Wednesday 16 June 1948 on WATV (Channel 13).

Cast overview:
Bob Steele Bob Steele - Steve Kendall
Frances Morris Frances Morris - Sally Warren
Florence Turner Florence Turner - Ma Warren
Ted Adams Ted Adams - Boston Harry Manners
Al Bridge Al Bridge - Nikkos (as Al Bridges)
Eddie Fetherston Eddie Fetherston - Bud Warren
Jack Henderson Jack Henderson - Colonel John Butterworth
Gordon De Main Gordon De Main - Sheriff John Andrews
Josephine Velez Josephine Velez - Juanita
Fern Emmett Fern Emmett - Miss Scully
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