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A documentary on the making of Frank Henenlotter's Basket Case trilogy.

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    • Author: Raniconne
    What's in the Basket? (2011)

    *** 1/2 (out of 4)

    This documentary takes a look at the three BASKET CASE films from director Frank Henenlotter who is also on hand here to give his opinion on all three films as well as take us through their production. We also get interviews with Kevin Van Hentenryck, Beverly Bonner, Kevin Haney and others as we work our way through all three pictures.

    What I've always loved about Henenlotter is the fact that he knows a great deal about exploitation films and that he's always willing to be honest with his opinions. That's so important here because he discusses all three films very openly and doesn't shy away from talking about what he doesn't like about the films and a lot of this comes in regards to the third picture. He is very honest about why he made it, what went wrong with it and what happened as a result of it.

    The entire documentary was highly entertaining and if you're a fan of the series then you're certainly going to love what's here. The stories about the making of BASKET CASE are wonderful and especially all of the little details about the small crew, what went into the special effects and even a hilarious story about the crew getting outraged at one scene and walking off the picture.

    The first picture gets the majority of the running time but both sequels are discussed in good detail as well. Fans of BASKET CASE will certainly want to check this documentary out.
  • Credited cast:
    Beverly Bonner Beverly Bonner - Herself
    John Caglione Jr. John Caglione Jr. - Himself
    James Glickenhaus James Glickenhaus - Himself
    Kevin Haney Kevin Haney - Himself
    Frank Henenlotter Frank Henenlotter - Himself
    Robert Martin Robert Martin - Himself (as Uncle Bob Martin)
    Scooter McCrae Scooter McCrae - Himself
    Annie Ross Annie Ross - Herself
    Kevin Van Hentenryck Kevin Van Hentenryck - Himself
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