» » The Hanged Man Wheel of Fortune (1975– )

Short summary

After three attempts on his life, Lew Burnett decides to remain 'dead' as his only means of staying alive. But one man, ex-mercenary soldier, Alan Crowe, doesn't believe that Lew is dead.

Episode cast overview:
Colin Blakely Colin Blakely - Lewis Burnett
Michael Williams Michael Williams - Alan Crowe
Gary Watson Gary Watson - John Quentin
John Rees John Rees - Brian Nelson
Anthony Sharp Anthony Sharp - Henry Wakely
Brian Haines Brian Haines - Matthew Reeve
Angela Browne Angela Browne - Elizabeth Haydon
Tenniel Evans Tenniel Evans - Joseph Blenkinsop
Brian Croucher Brian Croucher - Sammy Grey
Peter Miles Peter Miles - Harry Gold
Ivan Beavis Ivan Beavis - George Halloran
Alan Hockey Alan Hockey - Basil Slaughter
Vicky Ireland Vicky Ireland - Receptionist
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