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Based on real events,Jessica Carlon always wanted to be in loving relationship that was encompassed with peace and harmony. Bored with her very predictable and systematic life she chose to be with Thomas Johnson, a fun, spunky bad boy type. In addition to his charm and wit, he also had a dark side filled with jealousy, anger and misogynistic views. Early in the relationship Jessica began to see signs of Thomas' abusive behavior. She initially excused it and assumed it was due to stress. However, as the abusive behavior became a pattern, the loving feelings she once shared with Thomas were replaced with resentment and the notion the she was settling for less than she deserved. Jessica ultimately met the worst side of Thomas and found herself in a relationship that combined love with physical & mental abuse. Moments of anguish and uncontrolled rage caused a whirlwind of emotions and changed Jessica's life forever. For her sanity and safety it was time to end the relationship and find ...

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    • Author: Ishnjurus
    It was an honor to have Directed this gripping story that is so very necessary. I applaud Ms. Rhambo for having the courage and fortitude to write a story that brings awareness to domestic violence and spark conversation on how to end domestic violence where ever it is going on. Additionally, this film will help others see just how close they can be to a domestic violence situation and encourage them to reach out to help a loved one to have the courage to stand up to their attacker so that he or she will not feel free to be abusive. Abuse in any form is wrong and should not be tolerated. Far too often the abused feels the need to be silent due to the embarrassment and shame that comes from abuse but silence is the worst remedy to domestic abuse.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    JoAnna Rhambo JoAnna Rhambo - Jessica Carlon
    Keith Burke Keith Burke - Thomas Johnson
    Delpaneaux Wills Delpaneaux Wills - Darnell
    Tiffany Y. Cousin Tiffany Y. Cousin - Misha Carlon
    Jensen Jimerson Jensen Jimerson - Nate
    Tone Bell Tone Bell - Bartender #1
    Andrea McMillion Andrea McMillion - Rachael
    Jasmine Hester Jasmine Hester - Flirty Girl
    J. Kristopher J. Kristopher - Bouncer #2
    David Raibon David Raibon - Demi
    Jah Shams Jah Shams - Raheem
    Terrell Rhambo Terrell Rhambo - Man in line
    Lisa Marie Young Lisa Marie Young - Woman in line
    Miyoko Fujimori Miyoko Fujimori - Pole Dancer
    Malcolm Bowen Malcolm Bowen - DJ Chemistry
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