» » Good Friday (2014)

Short summary

After a revelation, Kevin Friday seeks out three (3) of his buddies to have conversations with regarding personal conflicts they have with their loved ones, and the importance of addressing the issues and overcoming them for a better quality of life. His point does not get through to them until they realize that "Friday" has faced the most challenging human experience of all...

Cast overview:
Jade Arnold Jade Arnold - Kevin Friday
Keith Kittrelle Keith Kittrelle - Mark Stanley
John McMahan John McMahan - Travis Kinkaid
Joseph Curtis Callender Joseph Curtis Callender - Paul Williams (as Joseph Callender)
Christie Goss Christie Goss - Janice Stanley
Lakeisha Coffey Lakeisha Coffey - Talina Chism
Donnell Millsaps Donnell Millsaps - Hot Rod
Sherry Sparks-Jenkins Sherry Sparks-Jenkins - Doris Kinkaid
Ron Errato Ron Errato - Mr. Kinkaid
Schelle Purcell Schelle Purcell - Dana Brandon (as Schelle Holloway-Purcell)
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