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Short summary

Elizabeth Daniels, who suffers from depression is forced to join a support group where she meets Taylor Hughman. The two are paired up as "support partners", which is where their friendship begins. Taylor introduces Elizabeth to new people and experiences which leads Elizabeth to believe that she could be capable of loving someone again.

Ethan River and Kian Talan actually auditioned for the reversed roles they were casted in.

Cast overview:
Alani Waters Alani Waters - Elizabeth Daniels
Ethan River Ethan River - Taylor Hughman
Kian Talan Kian Talan - Jacob Fitz
Brandon L. Wilson Brandon L. Wilson - Peter (Group Leader)
Ariane Raymondo Ariane Raymondo - Jacqueline D. Marisol
Wesley Han Wesley Han - Ky Abrams
Janine Holder Janine Holder - Susan Peterson
Kevin So Kevin So - Group Member 1
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