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A rattlesnake spooks Pete's horse followed by a steer goring him resulting in him bleeding too much to be moved. Favor and Rowdy ride into a nearby town for a doctor but find the residents ruing a lynching the day before. Before the men can leave with the doctor, the town is taken hostage by the family of the lynched man. They plan to hang the Sheriff who they captured and the leader of the lynch mob Kels Morgan. Favor hides Kels in a dry well. Favor and Rowdy try various ideas for help but when Kels can't be found, the Mason family threatens to burn the town. In a secret town meeting Favor reveals where he hid Kels but the town members decide they must confront the Mason family. The youngest of the Masons has tried to stop his father so when he sees there may be bloodshed he tries to ride for help while the girlfriend of the lynched man confronts Kels. Unexpected results in both situations ends the situation but not without pain.

Actress Eleanor Ayer is dubbed by voice actor June Foray.

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    • Author: Katius
    This Rawhide story has Sheb Woolley gored by a steer and in a bad way. Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood ride to the nearest town for a doctor, but after they get there a large and angry family named Mason comes to town and disarms the place and takes the sheriff hostage. They want the man who led a lynch mob where the eldest Mason son was hung. If they don't get him, patriarch Gary Merrill threatens to start lynching citizens.

    Some nice performances by Merrill as the angry and grief stricken father and by Bobby Driscoll as the youngest and conscience stricken kid. They're a lot like Spencer Tracy's brood in Broken Lance.

    There's also a nice performance by Ed Nelson as the leader of the mob who Fleming and Eastwood hide. Truth be told neither Nelson or the eldest Mason kid was any real great specimen of humanity. Nelson meets a great and ironic end.

    Mostly this is Merrill's show. A lot of familiar character players are in this good Rawhide episode as well.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Eric Fleming Eric Fleming - Gil Favor
    Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood - Rowdy Yates
    Sheb Wooley Sheb Wooley - Pete Nolan
    Paul Brinegar Paul Brinegar - Wishbone
    James Murdock James Murdock - Mushy
    Steve Raines Steve Raines - Jim Quince
    Rocky Shahan Rocky Shahan - Joe Scarlet
    Gary Merrill Gary Merrill - Jed Mason
    Bobby Driscoll Bobby Driscoll - Wilt Mason (as Robert Driscoll)
    Corey Allen Corey Allen - Mel Mason
    Morris Ankrum Morris Ankrum - Dr. Tom Jackson
    Don Haggerty Don Haggerty - Mort Hendricks
    Whit Bissell Whit Bissell - Sam Harris
    Bob Steele Bob Steele - Art Jameson
    Eleanor Ayer Eleanor Ayer - Mandy Harris
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