» » Doctor Who Terminus: Part Four (1963–1989)

Short summary

In attempting to reopen a doorway into the TARDIS, Turlough activates Terminus' automated fuel-jettisoning sequence. The first time this sequence was engaged, it flung its first of two massive loads of unstable fuel into the distant past, producing the Big Bang that created the universe. This second sequence - if the Doctor can't find a way to shut it down - will release a second massive load, the explosion of which will entirely negate the effects of the first.

Peter Davison was against Sarah Sutton leaving, as he felt that Nyssa was the most appropriate companion for his Doctor. John Nathan-Turner felt that the character had run her course.

The Doctor kissing Nyssa on the cheek as she departs was devised by Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton. Originally, they were just going to shake hands.

This episode was watched by 7.4 million viewers on its original transmission.

Episode cast overview:
Peter Davison Peter Davison - The Doctor
Sarah Sutton Sarah Sutton - Nyssa
Janet Fielding Janet Fielding - Tegan
Liza Goddard Liza Goddard - Kari
Dominic Guard Dominic Guard - Olvir
Mark Strickson Mark Strickson - Turlough
Valentine Dyall Valentine Dyall - Black Guardian
Martin Potter Martin Potter - Eirak
Andrew Burt Andrew Burt - Valgard
Tim Munro Tim Munro - Sigurd
Peter Benson Peter Benson - Bor
R.J. Bell R.J. Bell - The Garm
Martin Muncaster Martin Muncaster - Tannoy (voice)
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