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The story revolves around an eccentric home tutor named Yoshimoto, who is hired to teach the second son of the Numata family. While being tossed around by the weird and unconventional home tutor, the remedial student and his family gradually start changing.

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    • Author: Lestony

    I watched this drama recently after a friend recommended me to watch. You need to watch all the episodes to completely understand the story and theme of this drama.It is based on the novel "Kazoku Gemu" by Yohei Honma. The lead is played by ARASHI group member Sho Sakurai.

    The story revolves around dysfunctional Numata family who appear perfect on the outside. Internally the family has lot of unsettled issues. The family consists of father,mother and their two sons. Each of the members have their shortcoming which they try to hide from each other and don't have courage to acknowledge,accept and change themselves.

    The family hires a tutor Koya Yoshimoto(Sho Sakurai) to tutor their youngest,under-performing son who hates going to school.The tutor manipulates the family members in a way that leads to their breakdown. They finally acknowledge openly their shortcomings and put effort in changing themselves.They try to build family bond which was missing earlier.

    School bullying and hypocrisies of the society are used as main theme.

    Watch it if you want out of box dramas.
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    • Author: Nuliax
    Wow, I have not watched many Japanese dramas but this one is by far my favourite.
  • Series cast summary:
    Shô Sakurai Shô Sakurai - Yoshimoto Koya / - 10 episodes, 2013
    Ryûnosuke Kamiki Ryûnosuke Kamiki - Numata Shinichi 10 episodes, 2013
    Shioli Kutsuna Shioli Kutsuna - Asami Maika / - 10 episodes, 2013
    Seishû Uragami Seishû Uragami - Numata Shigeyuki 10 episodes, 2013
    Rie Kitahara Rie Kitahara - Mogami Asuka 10 episodes, 2013
    Itsuji Itao Itsuji Itao - Numata Kazushige 10 episodes, 2013
    Honami Suzuki Honami Suzuki - Numata Kayoko 10 episodes, 2013
    Yûki Eguchi Yûki Eguchi - Mitsui Takumi 10 episodes, 2013
    Maki Hironaka Maki Hironaka - Neighbor 10 episodes, 2013
    Yûki Mashita Yûki Mashita - Neighbor 10 episodes, 2013
    Kaito Matsushima Kaito Matsushima - Sonoda Mitsuru 10 episodes, 2013
    Ginjirô Nishimoto Ginjirô Nishimoto - Yamao Yasushi 10 episodes, 2013
    Chie Oka Chie Oka - Imoto Kyoka 10 episodes, 2013
    Ryûsei Sengoku Ryûsei Sengoku - Takeshita 10 episodes, 2013
    Kakeru Yoshida Kakeru Yoshida - Ichihara 10 episodes, 2013
    Shige Uchida Shige Uchida - Katsuno 7 episodes, 2013
    Shingo Kawasaki Shingo Kawasaki - Aikawa Takeo 6 episodes, 2013
    Shûgo Oshinari Shûgo Oshinari - Yoshimoto Koya 6 episodes, 2013
    Hajime Yoshii Hajime Yoshii - Sanada Souta 6 episodes, 2013
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